Bad Skin habits you should break

I can bet that this isn’t the first time you’ll be hearing about bad skin habits. So I’ll be drawing your attention to these habits and why they are bad.
1). Sleeping with makeup on: Its enough to use makeup during the day but leaving it on your face is harmful to your skin. It could clog the skin pores, causing rashes, acne etc.. Even if you can’t make it to the bathroom to wash off your face, always have a moist face wipe at the ready. That way, your skin pores can breathe while you sleep.
2). Skipping sleep: Sleep is the time when your body repairs the damage it encounters during the day, so make sure you are giving your skin enough time to recover. Plus stress levels drop at night giving your skin cells time for self repair and rejuvenation andstress raises the levels of the hormone cortisol, which increases oil production and can lead to acne.
3). Leaving your eyes and neck out: There’s a reasons why manufacturers of moisturisers and the likes write things like “apply on face and neck” (that is if we even read the instructions on such products). The skin on your neck is just as delicate as your skin so if you pamper your face with so much attention and leave your neck out of the equation, your face and neck would so not correspond. The skin around your eyes is even more delicate, so when rubbing your face, make sure the cream gets to the skin around your eyes.
4). Overexfoliating: We all want to show off squeaky-clean, smooth skin but please don’t go overboard with it
Overexfoliating can actually worsen your skin’s natural production of oil and cause breakouts by spreading bacteria.  Save exfoliating for once or twice a week – the rest of the time, use a gentle cleanser.
5). Skipping sunscreen: Now I know a lotta people think this is more of a white man’s thing, but we need sunscreen more than they do. Our sun is way more scorching than theirs. Even though we don’t “see” the effect of the sun immediately, constant exposure does the skin a lot of damage. For those who can’t afford sunscreen or think its too much of trouble, you could use a body cream that has UV (ultraviolet) filters that perform the same function as sunscreen.
6). Using an old foundation brush: When was the last time you cleaned your brushes? Forgetting to clean them can lead to clogged pores and even infections.
7). Being stuck to your phone: If you are a person who spends long hours on the phone, u might wanna get an earpiece. The surface of your phone is overloaded with oil and bacteria and each time you use it these are transferred back on to your skin. This, as well as the friction of the phone against your jaw line, can lead to breakouts and rashes.
8). Using various skin care products at the same time: More doesn’t always equal better when it comes to your skin.  Not only can ingredients in some products cancel each other out, but piling on too many products can actually have an adverse affect.
Instead, try giving your skin time to breathe and stick to somthing minimal. Your pores will thank you.
So, if you indulge in any of the above named habits, for your skin’s good, it’s high time you broke them.
With love……. From moi

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