How to get by the discomforts of Harmattan

So, harmattan is one of the least favourable seasons for a lot of us(at least for me) not just because of the cold but the amount of discomfort that comes with it.
There is very little moisture in the atmosphere which explains why one feels so dry. There is a huge amount of dust in the wind too.
Due to the dusty wind, some diseases like conjunctivitis, asthma, cough and catarrh are believed to be rampant as well as meningitis in some communities especially in the North. As a result of drop in humidity, the period is said to usually cause spontaneous nosebleeds for some people(like me).
People are prone to respiratory diseases during harmattan as a result of the dust in the air.
It has also been proven that harmattan aids or could cause fire outbreaks.
But I’m not here to talk about what harmattan can or can’t cause. Am here to help us all get by harmattan.
Cause of the dryness, our skins go white, lips and soles of the feet start to break, throats go dry too(could cause sorethroat). These are ways to get these discomforts down to the barest minimum

For Your Body
1). Use mild moisturizing soap or body bath creams as cleansing soaps and the likes tend to strip your body of whatever oil it has left.
2). Do not completely dry your skin after shower; about 10% of moisture is retained if you apply on damp skin. You can pour few drops of oil into water before bath if you prefer.
3). Apply your moisturizing cream or lotion all over your body including under your feet. Apply Vaseline to the soles of the feet to prevent them from cracking. Hydrating creams and lotion are best for all skin types this season. Or better still, you could mix whatever cream you use with oil(olive is the most accesible)
4). Apply nail polish on your nails. It helps to protect nails from excessive drying and hardening.

For Your Face
1). Use mild soaps (even if you have oily skin) to wash your face.
2).   Stop the use of face facial cleansers and toners that contain alcohol(most of the common ones do). Use only mild facial cleansers if you must.
3). Always moisturize your face after cleansing (even if you have oily skin).
4). Please do carry a lip balm, lip salve or lip gloss around. Always moisturize your lips before going to bed.
LADIES: Always apply lip balm or lip salve before lipstick and if you prefer lip gloss apply after lipstick.
GUYS: Well kept lips makes you appear groomed. So invest in a lip balm or lip salve for a non glossy moisturized lip.
And please cream your bodies with Vaseline or something else, its appalling to see a guy parading the streets with white skin.

For Your Hair…
1). Wash hair with shampoo and conditioner as usual.
2). Don’t dry hair completely to keep some moisture in hair.
3). Apply hair oil, pink oils, lotions and creams to hair daily or every other day depending on hair type and severity of the weather
4). Avoid using hair spritz(known popularly as spray gel), gels and strong hair hold.
5). Use hair sprays to add shine to your hair.
6). Scarves and hats are amazing accessories that can be use to protect hair and still be fashionable.
7). The last and definitely not the least, please don’t leave your hair undone, its either u plait it, fix, whatever. Just don’t carry it around undone(if u still want hair on your head after this season).

For Your Eyes
Rinse your eyes with clean water and reduce exposure to the dust by wearing protective spectacles.

Oh! Do I need to remind you to keep warm? Nah, I guessed not.

Use this tips during this dry season and your skin will appear fresher and moisturized all day, every day.

With Love,
From moi,

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