Is “Skin toning” appropriate?

Hey guys, how’s your day going? Hope you didn’t miss me too much(just kidding)!!!!!
So this is like probably the one of the most controversial topics of recent times.
My major case study today is former Ghanian beauty queen Miriam Abdul Rauf popularly known as Nasara who has undergone a quite drastic transformation and has publicly declared and admitted that she has been “toning” her skin. Although toning does not even begin to describe this new Nasara.
Earlier this year, while sampling opinions about bleaching, our very own Tonto Dikeh came out to say if you weren’t pleased with your skin colour, there’s no big deal in bleaching your skin.
Back to Nasara, I personally don’t understand why she bleached her skin since she has always been beautiful. Here’s a picture of her and her cute twins before her transformation.
So guys I wanna hear your opinion. What’s your take on toning/bleaching (whatever word you choose) and what do you think of the new Nasara?
I await your responses.

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