New Year Fashion Resolutions You Should Make in 2014

So a couple of days before the New Year, there is this aura of hope for the year to come that comes with all sort of of lofty expectations. Hence we all resolve to do something different in the new year, so we all make new year resolutions knowingly or not, whether in our minds or we voice them out or write them out.
I have seen a lot of people with all kinds of resolutions but oddly just a few with fashion resolutions(although I have seen those who wanna look like Kim Kardashian before the year runs out).
Here am I to propose fashion resolutions for 2014 every femme should make……….

1). Clean out your closet: If it’s been years since you cleared your closet, this is the year to do it. The more organized your closet is the easier it will be to put together outfits plus you’ll have much more room to keep new stuff. Either donate what you don’t need or see if you can give them to friends and family. But whatever you do, don’t keep anything that doesn’t fit or that you haven’t looked at in years. When you know exactly what you have, getting ready in the morning becomes a much easier task.

2). Choose quality over quantity: Even though its tempting to buy three of one item because it’s cheap, there’s no point spending money on something that will just fall apart after a few washes. This year, resist the urge to impulse buy or spend on things you know won’t last just because the price looks good. Instead, spend money on fewer items that are well made. Good quality items that are timeless (tailored trousers, pencil skirts, well-fitting blazers) will last you for years, look great and become the backbone of your wardrobe.

3). Done be afraid of colour: A closet full of basic black, gray, navy and beige is fine, but I suggest making this year a little more colorful. If you’ve been forgoing color in favor of the neutrals, resolve to brighten things up with some key pieces in bold shades. Color is a great way to inject some new life into your wardrobe and spice up your day-to-day outfits. Don’t fear color; embrace it!

4). Buy what fits your body: Some of us are content just picking clothes off the rack cause we can’t go through fitting room stress. Its better to wear as many pieces until you wear that piece that is just wow!!!

5). Stop confusing leggings and jeans: Leggings are a wonderful little branch of the pant family, but are equally related to workout gear and tights. Therefore, exercise your right to wear them with caution: they’re not fooling anyone even if they’re made to look like denim. In other words, making them part of your daily uniform is dangerous territory, as leggings can read lazy if used too frequently.

6). Retire anything that makes you feel too young or too old: This should be easier than it is. However, we tend to hold onto pieces that remind us of particular experiences or events in our lives, but darling, it worked for you then, its not working for you anymore so please ger rid of it.

7). Embrace belts: Belts are a relatively inexpensive way of jazzing up your outfits. Two types of belts could be used to complement your clothes, one which sits at the natural waist, and one at the hips(not to be worn together o).

8). Start buying because you love them, not because you think you should have them

9). Invest in a pair of black pants: A lot of people think black pants are boring but it should be a necessary part of your wardrobe.

10). The most important of them all is to keep your body in great shape so almost everything you wear will look fabulous. Happy New Year in advance, I love you all.

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