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A lot of times when we are  invited for an outing casual or exotic, after the initial excitement resulting from the fact that you are going out, the next question that tends to douse your fire is “Now what do I wear?

Now, what if I told you that there are basic pieces in your wardrobe that will make your clothing choice easier (note that i said easier, which you still have to pick out what you wear). Below is a list of pieces that I think is a must have for every woman.


I see a fantastic coat as an investment piece. Even if you wear a coat a few times a year or only when you travel somewhere cold, YOU WILL NEED A COAT IN YOUR LIFE.


 Is there a more obsessed-about item of clothing? Nah. We all think about how we look in jeans, we all shop for jeans, we all wonder what to wear with jeans. The list goes on and on and on. Obviously, there is a huge variation in styles of jeans: skinny jeans, flared jeans, high-rise jeans and overalls.  A superior pair of jeans should fit well, make you feel good, and be versatile, taking you from Casual Friday to Date Night. I think we all have many pairs of jeans, but a truly fabulous pair of jeans? That is a truly special item. A dark rinse denim is best for most situations. (A light rinse denim  is pretty casual.) Next: have your jeans tailored for you. Take them in at the the waist if they’re too big there but fit everywhere else (common) . Note about length! My SPECIAL pair of jeans? Your special pair of jeans would be exclusively worn with heels. (Heeled half-boots or wedges or stilettos.) So they should be longer than any of your other jeans, which you wear with sneakers or flats.


Yeah, I know we have all heard about the LBD and most people think its overrated but its not. if anything its underrated. Here’s the thing: we all go to special events. Cocktail parties, weddings, baptisms, etc. Who wants to deal with the cost and effort of buying a new dress each time? Ceryainly not me.  You can pair it with statement jewelry, nude Prada basket heels, a hat, a delicate clutch, belt it: the list is endless with possibilities. It is one seriously freaking versatile item. When shopping for a LBD: it should be made of the best fabric you can afford, it should be lined, and ypu should feel very good on it


 A great white button-down is one of those classic items that can be paired in so many ways. For example, a white button-down with jeans and a great blazer?  Such a simple but stunning look. A white button-down with a black pencil skirt and a jean jacket? So Chic. A white button-down can be a truly magical garment. Here’s where sizing gets TRICKY. There’s nothing worse than gaping buttons around the bust. To avoid this: buy bigger sizes and get the shirt tailored and brought in at the waist or, you can wear the white shirt open, layered over a tank top or camisole. This would look gorgeous with layered pearls or sweet, funky gold necklaces.


 The Pencil Skirt  is a beautiful item you can pair endlessly with your wardrobe. You can wear with a funky top. Dress it down with a jean jacket and cute T-shirt.


A well cut and fitted jacket or blazer, in black or navy is essential. Worn casually over a singlet and jeans or over an elegant dress, it’s a must have item. You could get one tailor-made, or buy one off the rack and take it to an alterations shop to get some small modifications to make it the perfect fit. Opt for one or two buttons, and steer away from seasonal trends like embellishments or exaggerated shoulder pads.


A nice t-shirt that you can dress or dress down, go for a classic white or black. Choose a neckline that sits your body shape, for example if you’re an hourglass choose a low open neckline. Keep it simple, and go for a top quality fabric.


This is another versatile piece of clothing that can be paired with a tee, a shirt or worn under a jacket. Dress them up or down. Choose a style that suits your body, draping nicely over your legs. If you are heavy around the bottom, avoid any styles with pleating or chunky pockets, as these will just add unnecessary volume. 


If you only had to own one pair of heels, make them a black pair of peep toe style heels with a sturdy heel. Something that could be worn with a dress, a skirt, a suit or under jeans. Trend based styles such as gladiators, embellished, thick platforms and wedges come and go.


I cannot stress this enough. Dressing is just like building a house, you need good solid foundations to build a house on. if the undergarments are not right, your clothes will not sit right nor look great. Once in a while go and get fitted with a good bra. 

So if you have all these basics, deciding what to wear just got simpler, trust me. if this is your first time reading any of my articles on my blog, you can follow my blog to get email notifications for new posts. Am signing out!!!!!!!!!!! Love yaimages

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