How to Avoid Clumpy Eyelashes


Clumpy mascara can be very annoying. There’s ways to add length and volume to your lashes without having to deal with the annoyance of excessive, chunky mascara. Here are simple tips!

Wipe it off
A spoolie (mascara wand) that is loaded with way too much mascara is one of the biggest causes of clumping. You can either replace your wand or better still, wipe the wand before you place it back in the container.”

Coat collection
In a bid to get our lashes to look thicker, most of us have a habit of applying coat after coat of mascara. However with great thickness comes awful clumpiness. 2-3 coats is all you should do.

Know when to toss it
Expired makeup causes all sorts of problems, and unfortunately, mascara is one the cosmetic with the shortest life span. Usually after three months, mascara begins to get pasty, which leads to clumping. Bacteria can also start to present itself. Basically, if it starts to smell funny, it’s time to replace.

Excessive heat can cause most makeup to age so be careful where you store it. For waterproof mascaras, the fridge is your best bet. Otherwise, keep your mascara in a cool, dry area that is out of direct sunlight.

Close ‘em tight
Make sure you’re properly putting away your mascara after usage. You do not want germs and foreign particles getting into any of your cosmetics. Keeping lids airtight is helpful for extending makeup’s shelf life.

There you have it!!!!!

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