Trend Alert/Review: Instagram Brow

Until now, I could never quite pinpoint what bothered me about so many Insta-famous folks’ brows, but a new video by YouTube star and The Cut contributor Wayne Goss has given it a name: the Instagram brow.


According to Goss, the Instagram brow is when the beginning “section of the eyebrow is barely there and thickens out and becomes more defined as it goes along.” Sound familiar? It’s all over Instagram and Pinterest, so if you happen to follow a lot of makeup gurus or beauty boards, you have probably seen a million of ‘em.


The Instagram brow, which The Cut says can also be called the HD brow or the fade, is apparently popular among MUAs because it photographs well, but in person, it is very odd-looking. To be fair, it’s not like it doesn’t look great: these women both look beautiful, and they are clearly excellent at makeup! But this is definitely one of those “don’t try this at home” situations.

We all make some weird mistakes with our eyebrows, but at best, this trend is impractical; at worst, it is an absolutely ridiculous beauty trend that non-professional makeup artists should never, ever try to incorporate into their daily routine. For most people, it is difficult enough to fill in their eyebrows in a normal manner, so giving them the change to ombre their brows could result in a surge of makeup tragedies. But That’s what Goss thinks.

What do you think fellas???

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