People seem to be going
bananas over BB creams lately. To be honest, when I first heard of them I had to google what BB stood for. For those misinformed beauty bloggers like myself, it stands for ‘blemish balm’ or ‘blemish base.’
Let’s get into it…


What is BB Cream?

BB cream is kind of like an all-in-one beauty product that can replace moisturizer, serums, primer, foundation and even sunblock for your face. Worn alone or under your makeup, it is great for coverage.

The original BB cream was created in the 1960’s by a German dermatologist. It was meant to help heal patients’ skin after surgery.

Some twenty something years later, the cream was introduced to Korea where it blew up in popularity. Asians prize healthy-looking skin so it’s no wonder that this cream became such a hit.

What’s So Bad Ass about Them
Of course there are fad products, but when something has been kicking around for nearly 50 years and maintains its popularity, there has to be a reason why.

The all-in-one formula for BB creams makes it the perfect tool for healing and concealing acne, evening out your skin tone, moisturizing, fighting the signs of aging, protecting skin from harmful sun damage and soothing the skin from inflammation or redness.

This makes it one pretty impressive skin care product and best of all you can make your own homemade BB cream without too much wahala.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1. Your favorite sunscreen: Sweat and water resistant is best, try to find something that isn’t too greasy so there’s less chance of it clogging your pores. Plus, your BB cream will stay on forever if you use a water resistant sunscreen.

2: Your favorite moisturizer:
if you have dry skin, use a creamy one; if you have oily skin, try an oil free lotion.

3: Your preferred foundation:
You’ll have the best luck with liquid/cream foundation. Powder is hard to mix and does not blend well.

4: Monistat chafing gel:
This sounds crazy, I know! But its main ingredient is the main ingredient in several makeup primers, and it makes your BB cream go on smooth and stay nice and matte. A warning about this – I have heard of this causing breakouts in some folks. If you’re breakout prone, go a little lighter on it or leave it out. Others haven’t had any problem but I can’t promise it will be the same for you.

5: A bottle to put it in!
IToo much sunscreen makes it oily and it never dries properly – too much gel makes it dry too fast and it gets splotchy. Too much foundation made it too dark for my skin! The ratio below is what I advise you to follow.
The amounts:
1/3 foundation
1/3 moisturizer
1/6 chafing gel
1/6 sunscreen

That way it can be easily scaled. So, for example, it you did two teaspoons each of foundation and moisturizer, you’d do one teaspoon of chafing gel and sunscreen.

Combine these in whatever container you’d like and shake or stir until thoroughly combined.
My advice is that you use the same amount of foundation and SPF cream as your base mixture. So in other words, if you use one teaspoon of foundation, you must also use one teaspoon of SPF cream. Then add half a teaspoon of serum and another half-teasepoon of illuminator.
If you’re using powder foundation, use only half the recommended amount.
If you want heavier coverage, use more foundation. If you want to fill in your pores better, add a touch of silicone primer.

Then, mix everything together until the consistency is smooth and free of lumps or bubbles.
Try it out and lemme know how it goes.

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