Reverse Washing: Have We been Washing our Hair the Wrong Way????


So I ran across a headline in Glamour Magazine, which read “Reverse Hair Washing”.  And I was like, what the?
Well, being in the want to know all about beauty, I did some further investigationand here is what I found out…

Reverse Hair Washing: The premise behind reverse hair washing is to help reduce the residue left in your hair from the conditioner.  Going about it the “normal” as it were, when you wash with shampoo first and then use conditioner, most of us end up not completely rinsing out the conditioner.   When this happens, you end up weighing your hair down.  Which in some cases can cause your hair to become lifeless, flat or have no volume.  Reversing gives you all the benefits of a great conditioner, minus the residue.  Leaving you with locks of volume and bounce!

So how do you do this?
You want to make sure that you get your hair completely wet.
Disperse the conditioner throughout your hair.
Keep it in your hair for a few minutes.
After about 5 minutes, apply the shampoo, WITH THE CONDITIONER STILL in your hair.  The shampoo is what helps to remove the conditioner. Wash and rinse as normal.
IMPORTANT: If you have a lot of product in your dirty hair, it will seem to be a daunting ordeal at first.  This is what I learned.
You must brush your hair prior to washing it.  Doing this will loosen any hair product(s) you have in your hair, along with helping to detangle.  It will also allow you work in the conditioner more easily!
You must make sure your hair is really wet.
Use a great conditioner, you get what you pay for when it comes to conditioner. So if you want cheap looking hair, use cheap conditioner.  Otherwise, I recommend a higher end product. (Sorry but this is one of those products you get what you pay for)
The conditioner needs to stay on the hair for at least 5 minutes. A quick in and out won’t do the job.
Drying: If you notice, most salons don’t towel dry your hair. There is a reason for this. Towels will make your hair frizzy.  I suggest using a cotton t-shirt to absorb some of the moisture first.

So there, hair you have it!

I have only tried this twice, so I’d really like to know has anyone else implemented reverse hair washing into your hair routine?
And How many will try this and lemme know how it goes and what you think.

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