The Science behind Your PHS and How it all connects

I have decided to talk about what I have termed PHS (Posture, Health and Style)


The importance of your posture to your life cannot be overemphasized, you probably have heard that your posture helps you look better in clothes and all of that but there’s more to it….. So lets dig deep…

While there can be physical limitations, especially as we get older, good posture habits can be learned and poor posture can always be improved.
Since I am on a roll to become more consistently aware of how I stand and hold my body, I have decided to share my thoughts and findings with you. I figure if I want to have any control over my alignment as my body ages, I want to start now to ensure the best results and I expect that you do, too.

It is true that a key factor that makes some celebs stand out on the red carpet isn’t just their outfit or accessories, but rather their posture.


And while you probably don’t give your posture too much thought, how you carry yourself can affect so many things, including the impression you make and your health (did you know that???).

The way we stand, sit, and walk, actually has more longer reaching implications on our body, moods and happiness than we thought.

Beauty comes from within and is visible in both your posture and attitude. A good posture raises your style, poise and confidence to the next level! Good posture simply makes you look better. A person with good posture is perceived as stronger and more graceful. By something as easy as an improved posture, anyone can achieve large effects on beauty, health and poise without toxic chemicals and expensive surgery.

A more upright position helps the entire body to function better, since muscles and joints get back to their natural positions. Good posture is healthy, and healthy people are perceived as much more attractive.

Within the fashion industry everyone knows how a good posture will reinforce the impression of the garments the models wear. A rather ordinary shirt or blouse suddenly looks awesome – if the wearer has a perfect posture.

A lot of us have jobs that do require us to spend time working at desks, so knowing how to sit and stand with good posture is certainly important and beneficial to one’s health and well-being.
When you maintain a neutral pelvic position with a straight and upright back, the vertebrae in your back are nicely aligned. This takes a lot of pressure off of your spine and back muscles, which can reduce backpain.

Knowing how to stand with your spine tall and your shoulders open gives you a greater sense of confidence. Plus, think about your wardrobe. Fashion and great style isn’t just about the right choice of clothing, it is also about how something works on your body, and how you feel in it. Great posture is integral here. When you stand with good alignment clothing looks better on your body.

Style is not just about clothes, nor is it something bestowed upon you if you are the correct size or shape. Style is about the way you hold yourself and move through the world. It is about paying attention to the details of you, which means embracing and taking full advantage of what you have to work with.

I’d like to to list a couple of activities that could promote bad posture.

Computers and Cell Phones: This comes as no surprise to anyone, I’m sure. Staring at a computer or cell phone all day often causes you to slump, lean forward, round your shoulders, jut out your chin and, if your seating is not ergonomic it can contribute not only to poor posture but also to back and shoulder pain.

Sleeping: If you sleep with more than one pillow and you sleep on your back, you might want to reconsider. Sleeping with your head too high causes your head to push forward and your neck and back to round.

Inactivity: Sitting for long periods of time, especially in front of the computer, can wreak havoc on your posture. It is so easy to get lost in concentration that you forget to adjust your sitting position, causing body parts to sit in unnatural positions for long periods of time and this includes your posture. Plus, it does nothing to strengthen your muscles in a good way or improve circulation and flexibility.

Cooking: Be conscious of how you stand as you chop or stir something on the stove, especially if your counter top is not at the ideal height (so your arms are at 90 degree angle when you are working at it).

Your Handbag: As handbags have gotten larger and larger over the past few years, it means we can carry more and more stuff around. While this comes in handy, your back and neck can suffer as you adjust your body to maintain the extra weight on one side of your body. Definitely not posture-friendly!

Slouching: It is easy simply to forget to stand up straight, especially as the years go by. Part of having good posture is being aware of how you are standing so you make a concerted effort to stand tall.

Fatigue: Our days are so full of activities, that at the end of the day (or even before then) fatigue creeps in. It is like your body is being beaten down by all the running around. Fatigue can do that and the last thing you are thinking about is standing up straight!

So now that we’ve established that good posture is important for healthy living, how can we improve our posture?????

Open Your Chest: A while back, a doctor friend recommended that I periodically lay on my back across my bed with my head hanging just slightly off the end and bring my arms out to the side or over my head. It opens up the chest area and gives your neck a break from jutting forward. Try it. It’s easy and quick and is a great de-stressor.


Strengthen Your Core: Building up your core muscles (your abs and all muscles in your torso) helps provide the stability and balance your body needs to be in alignment.

Awareness: The truth is that it is easy to forget to stand up straight. I have started reminding myself regularly to relax my shoulders and lift my chest —simple, not extreme movements and it makes such a difference in how I feel and carry myself.

Breathe: When you are stressed out what do you do? You forget to breathe or breathe shallowly and your muscles tense and tighten. This cannot possibly be good for you on so many levels including your posture. The next time you feel stressed, stop, relax your shoulders, lift your chest and breathe.

Go Barefoot: When you are home, remove your shoes. The muscles of your feet are the foundation of your posture, balance and fluidity movement. There is an entire movement around going barefoot (especially on grass and sand) and how it helps improve the strength of your feet (post coming soon). When your feet are strong you can’t help but stand taller and with improved balance.


If you want to look and feel younger and taller, the first place to look is your posture. Stand tall and see how it affects your attitude and health. It’s empowering, increases your self-confidence and you can breathe deeper!

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