Style Quick Fix for a Slimmer Waist

Working on your fitness regime is one way to get the waist you always desired but for a quick fix, here’s a list of tricks you need to give an illusion of flawless waist.

Wear Knee-length figure-hugging dresses

These will create the impression the wearer is smaller waisted and curvier at the hips than she really is. Floral detail on the dress will make the waist appear much smaller. A dress with vertical stripes has the same effect.


Wear a tight fitting top and flowing skirt

The contrast of tight-fitting top and full-flowing skirt will also give you the waist you’ve always dreamt of. Wear a statement necklace with it.


Go Peplum

A peplum gives you that elusive waist, a wide belt on top of that will further work in your favour, while the flare of the peplum will skim the top of your hips.


Invest in Wrap Dresses

Any woman can wear the easy wrap dress. The wrap dress is a coveted fashion trick to make any woman’s midsection appear tinier.  One featuring a fun pattern will also take attention away from the areas you’re looking to conceal. To ensure that your dress won’t show every lump and bump, make sure it’s the right size and the fabric is high quality — anything thin and flimsy will reveal unwanted lumps and bumps.


Nude Pumps

A neutral heel is your best friend when creating the illusion of a smaller waist. The closer the shoe’s color is to your natural leg, the longer and leaner your body will look. And the leaner you look, the smaller your waist will appear. This works well with dresses, pencil skirts, mini skirts, and even cropped pants.


Wear Dresses with Side Panels

This is no fashion myth, but rather a super stylish reality that’s on trend and flatters everyone. One of the most stylish ways to create a smaller waist is to wear clothing that has black or navy panel sides (dark colours are slimming). It helps create a beautiful illusion for your waist.


Wear an A-line skirt when you want to tuck in your top.

Look for skirts that fit at or around your natural waist in fabrics that are stiff enough that they don’t just hang limply over your hips and instead flare out away from your body instead (aka not jersey).


Try off-the shoulder tops

Drawing a horizontal line across your chest and arms with an off-the-shoulder top helps emphasize the widest part of your body, making your waist look smaller by comparison. When worn with a flared or A-line skirt, it creates a perfectly balanced hourglass shape that’s more dramatic and more comfortable than anything you’re likely to achieve with a skintight bodycon bandage dress.


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