Inspiring Acid Attack Survivor Becomes New face of Fashion Brand

26 year old Laxmi Saa had acid thrown on her face at the age of fifteen by a 32 year old man because she refused his marriage proposal. Laxmi is not only a survivor now but she spearheads campaigns all over India against the unregulated sale of acid.

Her passion and courage has not only inspired attack survivors but has shone a different spotlight on her as fashion brand Viva n Diva has made the frontliner of their new campaign, Face of Courage.



Rupesh Jhawar, who is a co-founder of the ​brand, while speaking to BBC, explained why he asked Ms Saa to be the face of the fashion campaign ‘Face of Courage’ after seeing a calender featuring acid attack victims. ​

“For a moment I had seen beauty in a very different way and we wanted to capture it – remove any speck of being a victim from those eyes and give them a stage, an employment, a platform, a medium to flaunt it with style”, he said.

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