Kim Kardashian’s Contouring Guide

Kim who? Nah, just joking. Of course we’ve all heard of Queen K, Gosh!

It’s really hard to tell if this girl is our future or our demise; migrating from the leopard print-loving California girl to high fashion icon, Kim’s shown an exceptional power to transform, learn and, consequently, set trends. When you go back to her Keeping up with the Kardashians on screen fashion failures, you feel like crying; the girl was too much of everything – too much makeup, too much hairs (ok, she’s Armenian, but – come on!), too much print, overall – too much effort to imitate all that’s actually now become – an icon and a trendsetter. It’s evident that her bae Kanye West has had a major influence on her style, and we thank him for it. Kim is now definitely someone you’d call up and ask for a fashion advice.

One thing Kanye hasn’t helped out with is her makeup (Although you never know, he may get involved with that too… given he’s loving nudes, are we to expect Kim barefaced in the public sometime soon? Tragedy!). Rather, her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic who’s been working with her for about eight years and successfully fashioned her now signature makeup look, has turned Kim’s face (that is – all that’s on her face) into a most copied makeup style ever!

Since her makeup style has caused so much talk in the highest celebrity circles with everyone trying to achieve that perfect cheekbone and nose moment and with youtubers-makeup artist wannabes trying it out and admittedly, to a point, figuring the look out, it was about time Kimmy came clean and gave away her secret. By the way, Kim’s been speculated to have had a rhinoplasty procedure done, however, she’s been denying it and has claimed she owes it all to contouring.

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Not that long ago, Mario and Kim teamed up to organize makeup seminars where our dear Kim shows up barefaced and lets Mario do his magic. This way, they’ve shown all the little tricks of the trade and helped millions of girls out there copy their makeup inspiration.

Contouring is no fun, we’ll tell you that. Unlike your regular makeup routine that lasts no longer than 15 to 20 minutes, this one may take from one hour to three hours. Naturally, a multitude of the finest products are used, and the number of makeup layers is just wow. Whoever has the time and money to pull it off – go for it!

Anyway, when asked about wonders of contouring, Mario explained that contouring isn’t for everyone and that not everyone needs it. The point of it is to help with certain parts of the face look a certain (different) way, not force it on all the parts of the face. He’s also said that the media has been informed of the technique yet their sources on the matter are limited which is why critics are harsh and girls trying to do it end up looking… well, not the way they’d envisioned.

It is no secret that contouring asks for much product and that it borderline reminds of a mask.  Dedivanovic said that such attitude is not at all wrong and that he wouldn’t disagree with it. “If I’m doing a photo shoot where the lighting is controlled, you have more freedom to do looks that are not going to look good on the street. On the street, people are less forgiving.“

For the easy and quick contour session, Mario suggests using powdery product rather than creamy ones. He is advising focusing on the number three on our faces (the hairline, cheekbones and chin) on both side and target those areas with a darker color, only to add lighter shimmer above it to make the face pop. He’s also insisting that contouring may benefit everyone but that it shouldn’t be forced as it does carry the risk of looking clownish.

Well there you go… Mario, thanks for bursting our contoured bubble!

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