Why Everyone is Talking About Ellie Mcpherson’s Instagram

Move over, Kim Kardashian – Ellie Macpherson’s decided to break the internet even stronger than you did and for a very good reason!

By the look of her body and face, you’d give her no more than… what? Maybe 30, 35 tops! However, this gorgeous woman is in fact 50 years old and banging! Anyone said #bodygoals?

This wonderful woman didn’t get this amazing body without hard work and dedicated diet regiment, of course. She is pretty strict when it comes to sticking to her life rules and workouts, and virtually none of her life habits leave room for slacking off.

So what would you have to do to in order to imitate the toned Aussie’s age-defying figure? Well, last year she told MailOnline: ‘I appreciate that it’s much easier to do all this in America but I would recommend working out for 45 minutes per day, even if it’s just a walk outside to get some fresh air’. Putting your sneakers on yet?

After talking to Ellie, this is what we’ve learned about her beauty regiment:



Ellie isn’t afraid to “give away” her secret to that stunning body, by admitting she’ll exercise whenever she can and often look to switch her exercise routine every day. She’s also said that she prefers being outdoors and doing sports like swimming, biking, and hiking to actually spending time at the gym. As she’s explained it, exercising increases her joy factor and she’s primarily hooked on working out for that solely. The amazing body is a bonus. “Even if I’m in New York City or London, I’ll choose to walk rather than exercise in a gym”, she said.
ellie macpherson

“I feel that my body hums now that I am taking The Super Elixir™ every day; my workouts are strong, I’ve lost weight around my middle, my moods are balanced, I don’t have sugar cravings and I just feel on top of my game,” she got candid in her talk with E!Online.


ellie macpherson

It is no secret this 51-year-old stunner has been giving us major hair envy for years now; you’ll be happy to learn we’ve got the insider info on how she’s keeping that hair glowing – she shampoos and conditions every two to three days, and she usually air-dries her hair! During her swimming sessions, she never forgets to put a hair mask and then a cap, while summer days are reserved for the “wet look” with treatment in it. Doesn’t sound too complicated, does it girls? Good news is we can actually do it all ourselves – no need to break the budget at a saloon!


ellie macpherson

As she’s said in one of her interviews, she is crazy about her IPL The Body that’s helping her skin stay smooth and clean. Given she’s a celebrity, investing in gadgetry she’ll have at home doesn’t really make a dump in her budget now, does it? Since this IPL costs about 300 pounds, it may be better for us regulars to schedule our laser hair removal treatment with professionals, we think.



While we are used to hearing celebrities speak extensively about vitamins they take, supplements that do this or that to them, eat all kinds of food, etc, Ellie says she’s concluded that “the less she worries about it, the better it gets”

“Simplifying and de-cluttering my life is a big focus for me. I now don’t take tons of vitamins and supplements. Quality over quantity!” – confessed Macpherson and we love her for it! She’s, naturally, put emphasis on good quality sleep (she sleeps about seven hours a night) and she’s said she finds laughing the best medicine – “I laugh as much as I can!”
So how does she do it? Maybe she is super-human, but she’s doing it and doing it oh-so-well! As she’s confessed, there’s nothing spectacular about it, really – it’s all about the right combination of healthy food, fitness, rigorous skincare. Care to try it?

Check out her Instagram page here

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