MYTH: Cutting of Baby Hair Equals Healthy Hair Growth


So I went out days ago and ran into a member of my church and her beautiful daughter (less than a hair). Behold the thick mane of hair I had always admired was gone, when I asked her why she cut it, she said it was because she had cut off her baby hair, and if it wasn’t cut, it will impede her hair growth.
Now this is not the first I would hear this, so it didn’t come as a surprise. An older friend of mine who had her first daughter about four years came across a family friend who saw her with her baby girl. Having admired the baby’s thick mane of hair, she asked when the last time they cut it once. Once my friend said she had never cut her baby’s hair, the other party was literally panicking as she said “Gbogbo irun e maa re je” which is Yoruba for “all her hair will fall off”.
While I’m yet to find out the country from which this myth originated but let me categorically state this: IT IS NOTHING BUT A MYTH; THERE IS NO TRUTH TO THIS ASSERTION.
I understand if you do it as a result of a cultural/religious practice but to tie it to the healthy hair growth of your baby is wrong.
Research and science have established that nothing you do on the surface really has much impact on how your hair grows as all of that happens on the inside, your hair follicles are responsible for that. So you may ask how do creams and all those other stuff we put on our head work? It’s simple, the skin on the head absorbs them.

I would also like to point that it’s perfectly normal for a baby to lose some of her hair at a tender age, but when the hair loss becomes considerably worrisome, it’s not because you didn’t cut his/her hair, it could be a myriad of other reasons.

I would love feedback from you. Do you cut your baby’s hair and for what reason?

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