Instagram: Nigeria’s Own Paparazzi, Pros and Cons


Apparently, the way celebrity news blogging works in Nigeria is different from all over the world (like that isn’t the case for everything else, taxes, infrastructure and the long list goes on).

In most places in the world (most places to mean America mostly), the engine of celebrity gossip and news runs on the fuel of something called the Paparazzi, which is a polite codename for paid stalkers and snitches in your inner circle. They are paid to make celebrities’ lives as public as possible following them to whatever nook or crany of the world they decide to go (the more private the getaway, the juicer the news).

Fortunate or unfortunately (I don’t know which one fits better), we don’t have that kind of structure (blogging in Naija is hard work, light, internet and expenses can be discouraging), so basically celebrity blogging in Nigeria was pretty much a dead industry as there wasn’t so much news circulating.  Then came social network and more particularly Instagram, a photo sharing app and all celebrity blogging hell let loose. Sites sprang up like weed among wheat.

It became relatively easy to blog about celebrities as it was easy to pick up what was going on in their lives from their Instagram accounts. Red carpet look could be gotten from hashtags and so on….
It seemed like it was all cool until people started crossing boundaries, became lazy, no blogger was willing to go the extra mile (abi, what do we have Instagram for). I once saw a picture that was culled from Instagram with a website URL sprawled across it. For a lot of people, it’s just plain ignorance.
So I’ll say this once, unless you snapped the picture, you don’t have the right to add your logo or whatever to it (some big blogs are guilty of this too).

Another thing if you’re going to use Instagram photo without embedding it, make sure you let people know where you pulled it from with a Photo credit at the bottom of your post (I have been guilty of this in times past)

I don’t know if y’all have noticed foreign websites reference Instagram posts by embedding them.

This is what I mean by embedding.

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Mountainous areas, marshes, grasslands and near-pristine pine forests are a few of Maine’s landscapes photographer Jared Lank (@jaredlank) treasures. When he isn’t working at a local boat-building school, Jared wanders into the woods and along the rocky coasts of his home state. “[My father] would bring me hunting and fishing with him since I was a little boy, and we have gone adventuring in the woods together my entire life,” he says. Jared also credits his passion for capturing nature’s serene and lively moments — crashing waves of the Atlantic, wild horses in historic Kennebunkport — to his Mi’kmaq heritage, a Native American tribe with maritime roots. This year’s Worldwide InstaMeet falls on Earth Day, giving Jared the perfect opportunity to share his love of the outdoors with others in Acadia National Park, one of the first places in the United States to see the sunrise. “It’s a beautiful place to sit down and understand who you are, how you fit in nature as a living being rather than just interacting with it,” Jared says. #LifeOnEarthWWIM13 Photo by @jaredlank

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There are a couple of plugins that can help you with embedding depending on what hosting script you use (I use WordPress, not advertising but it’s really cool and flexible). So let’s not all completely rely on Instagram and social media, switch things up with a little bit of that creativity that I’m sure is on the inside.

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