Celebrating 1 Year of Natural Hair Gorgeousness: Here’s What I’ve Learned


Yaas!!! So April 4 was exactly 1 year since my big chop and the journey has been challenging, insightful among other things. In this post, I’m going to be sharing with you tips to help you get started on your natural hair journey, or continue as the case may be.


Here is one major question to ask yourself once you start contemplating keeping your natural hair.

Why do you wanna go natural?

Is it because of your friends, or are you doing it to impress? You’d be surprised  if you heard reasons why a lot of ladies went natural. While a lot of people have joined the natural hair gang for such reason, I feel like it has to be a personal thing, you have to be doing it for you. That friend who motivated you can change her mind tomorrow.

Take for example if you go into the same business as your friend just because she’s in it, won’t you lose motivation if she quits? I know, it seems like a far fetched example but it’s pretty much the same. Staying natural takes sheer willpower and self love.

For me it was harder, because my hair is like really thick and hard, a lot of people were like “There’s no way you’re making it past one month, two at most” and one year has flown by.


Tips to a successful Natural Hair journey
#1. Don’t compare your hair with that of others
Please don’t ever wish for somebody else’s hair or compare.
Why can’t my hair just be as soft as hers”
“Her hair is so full, is my hair ever gonna get to this level”
“Blah blah blah”
Please don’t, it’s just gonna down your morale, and eventually make you dislike your hair, and once you don’t like your hair you don’t like your hair, you won’t care for her as you ought to.

#2. Your hair is growing even if it doesn’t look like it
There are stages in natural hair growth, the first being the TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro), one in the middle called the AAS (Awkward Afro Stage) and from there you graduate to long. Due to the curly nature of the black woman’s hair, a 6 inch long hair sometimes might look like it’s not more than 2 inches. Pull a strand out and you’ll be amazed at how much length you’ve retained.

#3. Don’t EVER comb your hair dry, make sure it’s damp
It is in your best interest that you do not comb your hair when it’s dry, you’ll lose more hair this way. Always spray your hair with water before combing (black hair has a rubber like texture that shrink when it’s dry). I use a spray bottle containing a mixture of water and coconut oil.

#4. A lot of the magic happens within.
Hair products are wonderful (and there are like gazillions of them out there) but the real hair magic happens with what you ingest. Fill your diet with lots of fruits and vegetables (all the good stuff), drink a lot of water, include fibre in your diet and so on. You can also take Vitamin E supplements. I don’t advise biotin supplements though.

#5. YouTube becomes your BFF
Thanks to technology, there are a million and one hair tutorial videos online. Biko, start with the easy stuff, don’t try to build a hair castle on Day 1.

#6. Let all your hair be made of natural extracts
It’s all so much easier when we stay as close to nature as is possible, isn’t it?

#7. Moisturize
Never let your go dry, oil it up but make sure it doesn’t become greasy, grease attracts dirt, so your hair becomes dirty quickly.

In conclusion, your natural hair kit could vary depending on your preferences. What you’ll find in mine are coconut oil, sulphate-free shampoos (sulphates dries out your hair, leave-in conditioner, Shea butter, conditioner, eco styler gel (a naturalista’s ever present help)

That’s it FC dolls, I’d love your feedback, if there are tips I didn’t mention that you wanna add, or you just wanna share your your natural hair journey with us. Feel free to holla at me….

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