Nothing ruins a beautiful outfit like visible panty lines underneath your skirt or bra lines peeking from underneath your blouse. It renders what would have a perfect ensemble completely useless. Because what you wear inside could make or mar what people make of our outfit, it is important to know what to pair with what. In this post, I’ll b tackling bras, Leggo….
So a lot of us ladies have a lot of bras but they are mostly of the same type. In fact, some don’t even know there are different types of bras.


T – Shirt Bras


T-shirts are unavoidable staples in a ladies’ wardrobe, worn alone, paired with accessories or a blazer, we literally cannot do without them. Meant to lay emphasis on the “girls”, it is important for your bra to be totally smooth for a flawless look, which is where T shirt bras come. They usually cover the entire bustline (preferably non-padded except you’re looking for a lift), no laces or embellishment whatsoever (that would just ruin the whole “flawless” point). They are perfect for t-shirt dresses too.

Underwire Bra


This is the commonest of all bra types (it’s probably what almost everyone has). Built with support as the major goal, the underwire will prevent from your breasts from sagging and give you maximal support. It is your go-to for outfits with no specifics (any oiutfit that doesn’t fall into any of the previous categories).

Strapless Bra


The strapless bra is as explicit as the name sounds. There’s no reason for you to have to keep those gorgeous tube gowns in your closet and longingly look at them without wearing them. If you have at least one strapless bra, tubes will never be a headache for you.
Note that: strapless bras are built differently and are not the same thing as underwire bras with removable straps. They don’t feel the same in a dress. Get a strapless bra for real.

Demi Cups
For a few people who love to give a good show of the upper part of the breast (your mounds), demi cups should be your preference. It has wide set straps for revealing fashion ans less upper breats coverage plus deep Vs for wider necklines.

Plunge Bra


A favourite of the sexy and adventurous, it is custom made for revealing outfits with plunging necklines, it features a very deep V that allows you to flaunt cleavage without worrying about your bra peeking out.

Camisole with Bra Cups


These guys are lifesavers. They are your go-to when the heat gets crazy, and you wanna put together a minimal look. While you wanna avoid bra straps on display, the bra cups provide just the right amount of support for your breasts.

Apart from the aforementioned bra types, we have the Minimiser for women with big busts, the wireless, and the convertible (this is the category where some of those bras with removable strap falls, so you can switch it up by removing a strap to rock a monostrap).

I’d like to hear from you, how many of these types of bras do you have?

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