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Do you ever go through your celebrity crush’s Instagram profile and wonder how all those amazing selfies come out just perfect??? It’s nothing to be ashamed of, we all do…. Then you say to yourself in consolation, it’s because he/she uses an IPhone. When you finally get your own iPhone, you embark on a selfie adventure but to your disappointment, the magic you expected is amiss….

Perfect selfie is an art with three major prerequisites: a good smartphone, perfect lighting and the object of the selfie (you). Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind in your quest for the perfect selfie.

Discover your perfect angle

This is key, find out what angle suits your face the best. Take lots of pictures from different angles. Shortlist the ones you feel make you look your best. Once you’ve outlined the right angles, you need to master them to perfection, we don’t want your selfie coming out all awkward now do we?

Lighting factor

Most of these low/mid budget smartphones don’t really have a good low light camera so its important you find a source of light if it’s dim outdoors. Stand directly in front of a light source like a window or door. Say, for example you’re in a car, stretch your hands outside the car. Don’t overdo the lighting, your selfie turns out terrible with over exposure too.



This is a secret professional photographers use all the time. Start out by dividing the frame into three in your mind. Avoid placing yourself in the centre but make sure you either fall in the first third or second third of the picture. It adds an interesting touch to the photo.

If your background or scenery is amazing, please include it in the shot: emphasis on if your background is amazing. If you’re taking a selfie at the beach, let your selfie pick a little bit of the sea, palms, you get the point.

If your background is distracting or not so good, you can crop the picture.

You don’t have to pout or do a duck face

Spoiler alert: Not all of us look cute when we pout. If you fall in this category, stay away from pouts, a trend is only awesome if it looks good on you. A smile would do just as much magic, probably more. Show teeth ocassionally or try interesting facial expressions. Silly faced selfies are memorable.

Abraca- FILTER!!!

Believe it or not, that celebrity selfie queen crush of yours throws in a filter almost all the time, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. I personally have got a thing for the Grace filter in Camera 360 and the dreamy Valencia filter in Instagram. Choose whatever you feel flatters your face best.

Photos generally come out well when you’re most comfortable

Don’t hold your phone too close to your face

When your camera is close to your face, it does not flatter you at all, if anything, it kinda distorts your features
Keep the camera away from your face, if you want a closeup picture, hold the camera afar and crop to your liking

Extend your neck forward

This sounds pretty awkward, I know but it works to accentuate your jaw line espencially when you are shooting from above.

That’s it!!!!
One thing to keep in mind though, not all selfies might turn put as magical as we want. Isn’t that why we take a hundred selfies and keep 10???

Photo Credit: Instagram/tokemakinwa

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