Monthly Menstrual Cycles to Go Digital, Thanks to this Bluetooth Tampon


Yes, you weren’t mistaken, I said Bluetooth tampon. A startup known as My Flow has ingeniously come up with a solution for those times when your menstrual flow just lets rip and your worst nightmare (not my words) comes alive; leaking through your tampons.

Myflow is a Bluetooth connected tampon system that lets you know when your tampon is full by sending an alert to your mobile device. How cool is that!!!!!

Please, before I start getting comments like “Eeew”, ” Gross”, if you just got past your murkiness, imagine how much good it would do regular tampon users??? Instead of having to calculate approximates based on when you had the last tampon and how long it ought to last based on your flow (which can be a tad unpredictable)

The Bluetooth device is set to hit the shelves in 2017. As cool as it sounds, it does bring a lot of  underlying issues to the surface.

According to the Guardian, the tampon has an extra long thread made of conductive steel attached to it, after you insert the tampon, you connect the thread to a Bluetooth enabled device on your wrist which is connected wirelessly to your phone. Then you program the app (yeah, it comes with an app, techy techy right) to alert you when the tampon reaches a certain percentage.


For me, the whole long thread tied to the waist is too much effort. Beads on my waist, yes, waist trainer,excellent, Bluetooth device controlling my tampons, not so much!!! I also don’t like the fact that a tampon leak was described as a girl’s worst nightmare, I mean, a tampon is not cool for everyone, but describing it as a nightmare is a long stretch, considering the fact that the menstrual process is perfectly natural.

Ama stick to the regular ish….Meanwhile I have to forward to my tech crazy baes who can’t wait to try, I’m sure……

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