My Waist Training Experience : What They Won’t Tell You


It’s no secret that waist trainers/cinchers have been trending thanks to people like Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose and the craze for figure 8.

So I decided to get myself a waist trainer. I can hardly describe myself as big, a 140 pound girl with about 11 inches disparity between my waist and hips but I thought to myself ” If I could get another inch or more off my waist, I might be on my way to a hourglass” (don’t judge me OK, the heart wants what the hear wants plus a girl can dream, can’t she?)

So I purchased my waist trainer, I won’t be mentioning any brand as this is not a product review but a harsh appraisal based on my personal user experience.

I managed to squeeze myself into my corset- like trainer (it was such a struggle, I had external help). The appropriate words to describe the first hour of my “waist training” is medieval torture, turns out having a contraption around your mid section isn’t fun. On the package, the recommendation was to wear 4-8 hours a day, I could only do two for the first day.

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On the second day, the pain is not as excruciating as the first day, but it’s still darn uncomfortable. I made the mistake of taking a deep breath and I felt like my insides will collapse. I wore it for a whole 4 hours, Yaay!!! That’s the most I did in the whole two weeks I used it.

Over the weeks, it was less painful, still uncomfortable, walking was serious work, jumping aargh!!! I perspired a lot (that’s another word for sweat, lol) which sort of made sense since I read somewhere that waist training gets rid of water weight which isn’t a permanent thing because you can just gain it right back.

Another thing, I can’t wrap my head around how Kim, Khloé, Kylie and co. exercise in this thing, I mean I can hardly run in it and I am a little of a fitness junkie. I could only wear loose fit outfits the few times I decided to wear the trainer out (I would honestly recommend you use your waist trainer to avoid looking like you have a stick up your arse in public, pardon my language)

To be fair though, the trainer did help with my posture, I sat up straighter, and stood right. I also didn’t eat much (how can you eat anything while my stomach is caged).

And I did lose about a quarter of an inch, which I gained back right after I stopped using it. And that, dolls is my personal waist trainer experience.

Do you use a waist trainer? Have you used it in the past? What was your experience like? Please do share!!!

Note: This isn’t a post to discredit waist trainers or other slimming techniques, it’s just the author sharing her personal experience.

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