Pushing Through The Barriers of Beautiful


Meriam Webster defines beautiful as being physically attractive, giving pleasure to the senses or the mind. So really what the general populace defines as beautiful is being easy on the eyes (drop dead gorgeous, that kinda thing).

Whoever defined the word didn’t take something into consideration (which reminds me who wrote the dictionary), there is no such thing as a general definition of anything, for Pete’s sake there are over 6 billion people in this ever revolving globe, how can any one thing or opinion be general?

Beauty is not general, it is personal. Beauty isn’t a gender, skin colour, attitude, appearance, beauty is one and one thing only; PERCEPTION. Truthfully perception is everything in this world. Beauty is acceptance. Who are we to decide what or who is beautiful really?
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, because he/she alone decides how a thing or person is perceived, which brings me to SELF PERCEPTION (how you see yourself).
Self perception radiates in waves around you and creates an aura that rubs off on how other people see and view you. Have you ever noticed that even when someone is “full of himself”, and it seems like everyone hates his guts, deep down, they all have some form of regard for him, because how he feels about himself unintentionally rubs off on their subconscious( if you don’t believe me conduct your own experiment).

In the end, how everyone perceives you is nowhere as important as how you view. Beautiful is all encompassing, for some beauty is slim, for others it is tall, short, stretchmarks, cellulite, whatever package you come in…

You’re allowed to be a bitch to anybody who tries to make you feel less….. afterall accepting yourself, flaws and all is first and final step to being your own perfect version of Beautiful.

PS: I couldn’t keep up with the whole he/she thing so know that wherever you saw “he”, the word was used to cover both genders.

Photo Credit: First photo is Jasmine Harper, first runner-up in SYTYCD Season 10 and one of Beyonce’s girls (I love her).

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