These Identical Twins Give Birth on the Same Day

The most surreal thing happened on Thursday, June 30 when identical twins, Sarah Mariuz and Leah Rodgers welcomed their babies to this world not only on the same day but, get this at the same time. While Leah gave birth to a baby boy at 1:18am in Denver, Colorado, her twin Sarah also delivered a baby girl at the exact same time (1:18am). Crazy isn’t it?

Sarah Mariuz, her husband, Nick and their baby

It’s a BFF arrangee from heaven, I tell ya.
The twins while talking to Today explained that they were both surprised when they found out they got pregnant around the same time and their EDDs (Expected Due Date) were just four days apart.

Leah Rodgers and her husband, Kyle

Sarah who is the younger twin by 11 minutes named her daughter Samantha Lynne while Leah’s baby boy Reid Joseph.
The twin moms and their babies are said to be home from the hospital and will soon be paying each other visits.

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