How to Pick the Right Gift for Loved Ones

Always have a hard time deciding what to gift loved ones??? That used to be me too. I loved to give gifts but when it came down to deciding what to give, wahala. If you still see it as a huge challenge, no worries,  you’re in the right space.

Pay attention.

The first trait of anyone who has mastered gift giving is keen observation. Excellent gift givers pay attention to details. To give a great gift, you must pay close attention to their likes, dislikes, interests and all. All these information gathered is what will be transferred into your choice of a great gift. That seems like too much grammar Abi? Let me break it down with an example.
If you have a friend with a great interest in literature, a new book from her favourite author will gladden his/her heart.

Determine what you want your gift to say on your behalf.
Another thing to keep in mind when deciding a gift is that your gift is an unspoken message from you to the recipient. So ask yourself, what do I want my gift to say to this person? Your gift could send a not-so-positive message regardless of how expensive it is. Another example: You have a friend who’s put on some weight and is looking to shed. She has been talking about getting a waist trainer. If you get it for her, it would be considered a thoughtful gift as it’s something she’s been wanting to get. But if she doesn’t have plans to lose weight and you get her a waist trainer out of the blue, even if she doesn’t make a fuss out of it, you’d have passed across a wrong message. What you have told her with that gift is you think she’s fat.
Create the gift.


If you’re creative, you can make something, a scrapbook of memories made together or handmade jewellery perhaps. There’s nothing as thoughtful as a handmade gift putting into consideration the personality in question. Your dad might not probably think much of handmade jewellery now,  would he?

Let your gift match the occasion.

If you’re giving a gift for an occasion, say, housewarming, a pair of designer sunshades might not be appropriate.

Give them an experience or adventure.

Sometimes an experience is worth more than an item
A relaxing day at the spa, tickets to a concert by his favourite band, funding that trip he’s been dreaming off his whole life.
Eventually the most important thing to remember is that it’s the message behind the gift that matters, not the size.

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