The Cool Girl’s Guide to Wearing Liquid Lipstick


Lipsticks have always been a cool icing on the cake called “makeup”, they still are but liquid lipsticks have quite literally changed the game. Not surprising now, is it? I mean, what’s more irresistible about a lipstick you can just dab on and not have to worry about it coming off fro the rest of the day? Wait!!! Don’t answer that.

As beautiful as this creation is, I have seen become an epic fail not once, not twice, honestly I have lost count. I know quite a number of people who have given up on the liquid lipstick because, well, it didn’t turn out as superb as they thought it would.

Like pretty much everything else in the world, you have to learn to do it right. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind just before you rush towards that jar of liquid glam.

1. Always exfoliate….

This is the first step before that almost everyone misses. Get rid of those little flakes first. The thing about liquid lipstick is it forms a thin sheet that outlines the exact texture of your lipsticks, so flaky lips are a no-no. Right before you apply the lipstick, apply a considerable amount of a mixture of sugar and oil (I use coconut oil) and use a soft brush to gently exfoliate. The outcome you get are really soft lips ready for a dab.

2. Moisturize….

Liquid lipsticks are matte and tend to dry out the lips, so keep your lips fresh and prevent your lipstick from looking caked, it’s important to keep the lips moist. A lip balm will do the job just fine, you can use oils too (I use coconut oil). Lip gloss ain’t no moisturizer abeg.

3. DON’T rub your lips together

It is custom to rub your lips together to evenly distribute the lipstick on your lips. But once we’re talking liquid lipstick, throw that tip out the door. Liquid lipstick can go bad real fast, rubbing your lips together will just cause it to smear, so please don’t.

4. Line your lips…

Find a lip liner in the closest shade to your lipstick to line your lips with before applying your lipstick. It helps to create a neat outline and acts as a boundary of some sort to signify where the lipstick should only cover. Fill them in and you can glide the lipstick all over.


You know the magic wand, that brush attached to the cover of your jar of lipstick is there for just reason, for you to use it.

5. Blot and apply another coat…..

This step is not at all compulsory but if you’re looking to achieve a longer lasting result, this will go a long way. After applying the first coat, blot your lips with tissue, (some people say to use paper but I disagree as I don,t think it quite accomplishes the task) and apply another coat for that pop of colour.

And VOILA!!! You’re set to hit the road cool girl style…..

Here’s a tutorial by Nikkie. Enjoy!!! And let us know if this post has been helpful.

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