Defining the boundaries of colour mixing

So I thought about to talk about mixing colours, cause this is a recurrent issue among ladies (and guys). Earlier before now, twas cool to do a same colour combination (red dress, red bag, red heels, red hair if you had the guts). But tide has turned to the exact opposite, infact we all indulge in what we call colour blocking which goes beyond dressing to makeup, nails, hair and so on.
As much as this new and widely accepted trend is bold and adventurous, its wise to establish boundaries, I believe the name does it justice, its colour blocking, not colour battering.
You in an olive green dress and a pair of neon platforms and purse, that’s blocking but a going a step further to add neon accesories, that’s literally ‘colour crime’. To dress, you have to think like an artist, did I say think, no, I meant be an artist.
In Fine arts, we did primary, secondary and tertiary colours, all these come in handy when dressing.
Oh, and you can rock the same colour thingy and look fab…….
Aside from dressing, makeup(lipstick, eyeshadow and the likes), this literally brings tears to my eyes. First of all, unless you’re a light complexion person who gets away with almost any shade of lipstick and eyeshadow(almost not all), please don’t try on all colours all in the name of adventure. If you are dark, stay away for lipstick colours like blood red, purple, (unless you are on the runway). I mean, why should a dark person wear purple lipstick?
I have heard girls ask “what shade of lipstick would do me justice?” If you ask me, I think God did His maths pretty well. Research has shown that lipstick colours that fit ladies the most are usually not far from their God-given lip colours.
So look good and try not to look like a painting while at it. STAY FAB…………

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