The best you can make outta your God-given body shape

So the first step to looking chic is having a body that is well taken care of. I’ll be deceiving y’all if I said we could all have that perfect 8 we all talk about, but but……… We all can get really close…..
Some of us have more boobs than ass, some more ass than boobs, some are somewhere in the middle while some have close to nothing.
I’m not an advocate of artificial supplements so I wouldn’t even go there. But regardless of what “shape” you come in, you can make the best of it.
A way about it is to shed a lil bit flesh around your adbominal area, no matter the category you fall into, a slimmer midriff always makes you look better.
Fortunately, there are the slim ones who no matter how much they ingest, it never shows. But there are some of us who just need to drink water, and their stomach bulges.
I recommend daily aerobic exercises, running, jogging, skipping, and so on. You’d be surprised to find out how much calories (and flesh) you can can lose by making a habit out of these exercises. Not only will u lose calories, you’ll tighten your abdominal muscles. Even if you don’t get an entirely flat belly, you’ll get something close. A friend has said, studies have shown that anything done continuously for 30day registers in your subconscious as habits.
I can’t wait to get feedback from y’all before/during/after 30days. Enjoy.

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