The Yeezy Season 4 Story: From Fainting Models to Wobbling Heels

The fourth installation of Kanye West’s fashion show, Yeezy Season 4 took place on Wednesday, September 7 on the lawn in the Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park that saw a lot of big names attend. Yaay!!! *fakes excitement*

Aerial View. Photo Credit: Tidal

The Life of Pablo star tweeted on the Saturday before that he only wanted multiracial models for which he received a lot of backlash. Fast forward to the day of the event, the models were clad Yeezy style in nude, black and white outfits.

Another highlight of the event was when one of the models, Gordonnay wobbled as her heels broke on the runway. She had to be escorted off the runway.

Another model, Anima Blue might have suffered the same fate but she pulled off her shoes midway into her catwalk.

Models were said to have fainted and proper medical care not given to them. Seriously what did they expect from  a show in the scorching sun?

I have to give Kanye kudos though,  only someone with a dark, beautiful, twisted fantasy  can pull this stunt of a fashion show and seemingly get away with it.

Hopefully, this would be the last season. It doesn’t look like it but one can hope right?

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