We Present to You, Goat Yoga

It’s no secret that I’m pro all things yoga, so I got some slightly weird news for all yogis in the house. It’s the rise of the “Goat yoga”. I know, in your mind you’re probably wondering, “what the fab is that. To put it simply, it’s yoga in the midst of goat.
So if y’all didn’t know, this isn’t the first kind of animal yoga to have been invented. Yes, we’ve had dog yoga, cat yoga even bunny yoga but this in my opinion is the weirdest of all and from the look of things, it just might be a hit.

The inventor, Lainey Morse, a yoga instuctor from Oregon gives an insight as to how it works. Basically, the animals just wander around in the class and sometimes cuddle the students or climb on their back.

She strongly believes that her goats, who happen to be a mixture of Nigerian dwarf goats and a full sized Boer can be a great tool in the provision of therapy to humans.

Morse wrote on her website:

The ultimate goal is to specialize in animal assisted therapy for people suffering grief or abuse as we as people with special needs or disabilities. That is down the road but as for now, I’m starting out with Goat Yoga which has been a huge hit.

At the moment all her classes are sold out.

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