Chic Ways to Style Your Shirt Dress

14350463_566508040202959_1666811105_nButton fronts and a forgiving fit make the shirt dress a flattering look on pretty much any body type. A shirt dress is one of the most versatile piece you can in your wardrobe. They’re perfect for casual occasions, but can be glamed up to suit to more formal occasions. The key is to be clever with your styling. Here a couple of tips on how to style shirt dresses below. Enjoy…..

1.  Wearing shirt dress with a loose fit is not only more flattering, but super comfy as well. Note that I said loose fit not over sized and baggy. Simply choose one in a relaxed cut that allows room for movement. If your shirt dress has buttons down in the front, a too-tight fit may cause them to pop, and that’s so not cool now is it?



2. One of the general rules/guides for styling the shirt dress is the shorter the dress, the lower the heel especially during the daytime. A knee length shirt dress worn with heels can look quite sophisticated, whereas a mini shirt dress worn with heels has the ability to look inappropriate. The same mini dress worn with flats, however, can look much more appropriate. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rules depending on where you’re going (for example the rules that apply to a club differ) or your personality (if you’re daring, by all means, ditch the rules).




3. If your shirt dress quite shapeless and doing absolutely nothing to flatter your figure, cinch in your waist with a belt or fabric tie or you can switch things up with a scarf. This will easily show or accentuate the existence of a waistline.



4. Most shirt dresses are cut quite up-and-down i.e there isn’t much difference between the width up and down. If you’re pear-shaped, this may result in the bottom half of the shirt dress clinging to your hips and thighs. Avoid this by choosing a shirt dress with a fuller skirt that will flatter your lower half more.


5. A plain shirt dress is a smart and versatile option, but choosing one in a print or pattern can add that extra bit of fire to your outfit. If you’re wearing a print shirt dress, try styling with more neutral accessories or those in a similar colour palette.


Update the basic shirt dress with trendy accessories. A statement necklace here, a chunky watch there, a pop of colour elsewhere – it will make a huge difference. Add some metallic shoes for a bit of glam, something more comfortable for a relaxed look. It’s all about adding a sprinkle of your personality to your outfit.



These are just a few ideas for how to style a shirt dress. If you own a shirt dress, share with us your best tips on how you style your shirt dresses.

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