Tricks to Layering Outfits Like A Pro

layering outfits

As is most things in this world, fashion is art and so is layering. Why is layering such a big deal? Maybe because it allows us to put our creativity to use in what we wear. It allows for the more daring to show off their eccentric side (Denrele comes to mind here).  Layered looks have been around for a long time and they aren’t going away. It’s such a beautiful thing to know that the addition of one piece to an already put together look could change it entirely. Layering is the fashionista’s greatest tool. However, if not properly done, it could transform even the best of intentions into a joke. There is a fine line between eccentricity and pure craze. The trick is to find that line and tread on it with finesse and style.

With the kind of unpredictable weather we have right now, layering could be of benefit. The weather sometimes changes from cool to warm without warning and vice versa. Here are a couple of things to know about layering.

Stick to the same colour family as a newbie.

In your first attempts at layering, it’s advisable to play it safe by staying in the same colour family. So, play down your excitement to show off your newly found bold side by avoiding clashing colours. You can do blue and green as green is green is a secondary colour derived from the combination of blue and yellow. Don’t overdo by pairing pink with yellow, your goal is look like a fashionista, not a clown.


Never neglect shape.

Layering should never diminish your natural shape. Don’t be too concerned with what you’re combining with what that you neglect the right fit and shape, you don’t want to go around looking like a sack now, do you? Fitted jackets and belts can help add definition to your outfit.


Think beyond the moment.

Remember what I said about unpredictable weather? You should always have it at the back of your mind that you might have to add something or take something off. So it’s important to pair your pieces such that layers can be added or removed without causing any awkwardness with what’s underneath. If you’re layering a jacket on a camisole, it’s advisable to wear a bra that won’t show straps if you decide to pull off the jacket.


Experiment and be creative.

Pull out your creative hat. Don’t stick to the norm. You have to keep thinking, “What can I pair together?”


Always carry a large handbag.

Because you might need to add on a few layers if it gets cold, or peel off layers if it becomes warm. It’s only appropriate for you to carry a large handbag to keep your extras. Nothing ruins layering like having to hold your extras in on hand as you strut.


Choose thin fabrics.

Stay away from bulky pieces (jewellery excluded), they will make you look larger than normal and will make you uncomfortable.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you have to let your personality shine through your layering choices.

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