Multiple Duty Beauty Products We Love And How to Use Them


There’s nothing we love as much as beauty products that can do more than its intended purpose, well maybe there are a couple of things. Multi – functional beauty items save cost especially if you’re on a budget like me and a large percentage of the populace. Such that you can handpick specific products to do the job of two, three or sometimes more. Here is list of multiple duty beauty products you should know and their alternative uses.


Liquid Eyeliner

beauty products-liquideyeliner

Asides lining your eyes, you can use your eyeliner to draw nail art anytime you’re looking to add a little zing to your nails.



beauty products-eyeshadow

Want to wear that liquid lipstick a little more differently? Dab your eye shadow on it after application to create a matte look without your lips feeling excessively dry. You can also use eye shadow to switch up your lipstick colour. Turns out pretty nice.

In cases where you have an emergency, you could pair up an eye shadow colour and lip gloss to achieve a specific lip colour.

Note: It is better to buy eye shadow with a remarkable amount of Vitamin E content if you’d be applying them on your lips also.



beauty products-bronzer

There are those days that are incredibly hot and humid and everything just seems uncomfortable. You wanna keep things light by replacing eye shadow with your bronzer. The plus is no matter how much you sweat, they don’t come off or look mangled.

You can also use your bronzer to blend the crease of your eye shadow especially if you’re a beginner who hasn’t quite gotten the hang of it yet. They could also pass for highlighter, naked palettes would best serve this purpose, although I don’t recommend this on a regular basis just for situation when highlighter is out of reach).


Eyeshadow Primer

beauty products-shadow-primer

On those days when your winged liner doesn’t come out as “on fleek” as you want, you can clean up the edges real nice with with your primer on an angled brush preferably. If you don’t have an angled brush (how can you not have, please go and get it), you can use a Q-tip instead (you know that thing we call cotton board her).


Makeup Brushes

beauty products-makeup-brush

Y’all know how messy facial masks can get and how much we don’t like soiling our hands with them. Save yourself that hassle and reserve a brush from your set for applying masks on your face. It’s effective and less messy. Problem solved!!!


That’s it, do you know any other multiple duty beauty product you have tried and tested? Let us know how it turned out and if you’d recommend in the comments….



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