How to Create the Double winged Effect

double eyeliner

Although this unique flick may look complicated, the technique has been simplified into seven easy steps. Keep reading to see how to pull off this popular liner trend.


Eye shadow primer
Eye shadows in: light pink, yellow, purple, bright pink, black, white
White cream color crayon
Black liquid liner
False Lashes (optional)

Step 1

After applying an eye shadow primer, take a fluffy blending brush and sweep a light pink shadow over your crease.


Step 2

Dust a bright yellow eye shadow along your lid and below your crease with a flat shader brush (we chose Sugarpill Cosmetics Pressed Shadow in Buttercupake). Be sure to blend the yellow pigment into the pink base along the crease.

Step 3

Push a deep purple shadow into your outer corner using a thin angled brush, then finely sweep the color up toward your brow bone. Softly fade one edge of the purple line into the pink base using a fuchsia shadow. For extra dimension, smudge a matte black shadow in the outer corner to deepen up the purple shade.


Step 4

Pull out your white cream crayon and an angled brush. Load the white pigment on your brush, then draw a thin line starting from the outer corner of your eye towards the end of your brow. Set the white line with a matching pale shadow.

Step 5

Apply the same purple shadow as before under the white line and add a small intensified accent of black shadow to your outer corner with a flat angled brush.

Step 6

Using a brush-tip black liquid liner, create a thick and dramatic cat eye for your false lashes to blend into. Make sure to follow along the white line—this is crucial for a seamless double-wing.


Step 7(Optional)

Apply a pair of wispy false lashes onto your lids and you’re ready to party on with this edgy double-lined eye!

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