Tackling Adult Acne the Natural Way

Skin acne is one of the most complicated yet simple skin conditions to tackle. Most times (just like it is in life generally), the most effective way to combat acne, is find out what is or isn’t causing your acne.
Acne has become a regular part of some people’s lives because they inherited it, it comes periodically for some during their PMS, while they’re pregnant, ovulating and so on. But for others, the acne is there on their face all the time literally.
Before I go into natural remedies to tackle acne, it’s important for me to highlight things you could be doing that could be compounding your acne breakouts.

1. Poor Diet


The age we live in unfortunately eats, lives and breathes far from natural. Processed foods are the order of the day, which counts for the rise of terminal diseases and so much more. If you have acne prone skin,  try to stay as close to nature as is possible, fruits and veggies should take a larger portion of your meals.

2. Stress
Believe it or not stress is a major cause of acne. High stress levels create cortisol which in turn cause breakouts.

3. Food allergies
It’s important you pay attention to what you eat, as some foods don’t go down well with your skin. For me, it’s groundnuts and margarine, it just takes very little for acne to breakout on my skin. Watch and observe your body’s reaction to your diet.

4. Dirt

Dirty sheets, dirty makeup brushes or beauty blenders are highly probable causes of unrepentant acne. All the sweat and product build up could be doing a lot of damage to your skin.
Never go to bed with makeup on!!!!

Now that we got that out-of-the-way, here are tested natural remedies to send acne packing.

Turmeric Face Mask


Turmeric is a spice which is a member of the ginger family is known as Ata ilẹ̀ pupa in Yoruba, because of its reddish colour and called kurkum in Hausa. It is a wonder spice with rich anti oxidant properties.


1 teaspoonful of turmeric
1 teaspoonful of natural honey
1 teaspoonful of milk or if you wish natural yoghurt

It’s important to note that turmeric stains, so one must be careful when applying the mask all over the face.
I recommend this one for severe acne conditions

Lemon and Honey Face Wash

tackling adult acne lemon and honey face wash

This face wash combines the cleansing properties of lemon and the moisturizing properties of honey to produce a very gentle mixture that is perfect to keep regular breakouts at bay.

Cinnamon Powder and Honey Exfoliator


Cinnamon powder is the result of ground cinnamon sticks. This one is ideal for oily skin, I can personally  testify to the efficacy of this recipe as I use it as my weekly exfoliator. It strips you of excess oils and leaves your face feeling just right.


PS: There are lots of natural recipes out there, but these three I can solidly stand by because I have been a beneficiary and I have seen it work wonders on friends too.
Feel free to share with us homemade natural recipes that have worked for you.

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