The One Product That Transformed Our Lashes

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When Eugene Rimmel in 1917 presented the product based on petrolatum jelly and black coal dust, everyone became crazy about accenting their eyes. Although this was done back in the Ancient Egypt and, later on, during the Victorian era, that’s when mascara took the beauty industry’s throne and hasn’t been overthrown ever since. Even today, it’s a must in every woman’s purse and the base of every makeup style. How do we choose the right one?

Find your magic wand

There’s only one thing to keep in mind when picking out the perfect mascara wand – your eyes’ size. As a general rule, the size of the wand and the eyes should be compatible. For example, a spiral wand is designed to coat each lash and make your eyes appear larger so this might be the perfect choice for smaller eyes. On the other hand, pointed tip with densely packed bristles are more suitable for big-eyed women. If your eyes are neither big nor small, opt for a medium sized wand.

Make your lashes longer

If you’re a woman struggling with short and stumpy lashes, opt for a skinny wand since it’s easier to handle. The bristles should be densely packed so they can coat every lash and make the most of your natural look. It’s not only the size that matters but also definition so you’d want to choose bristle brush instead of a plastic one. The way you apply it is important, too – make sure you use the brush to comb your lashes but don’t wiggle near the eyelids since it can cause clumping and look messy. lashes

Curl it up

If you are following the latest beauty and fashion news then you know you should invest in a lash curler. There are some curling formulas on the market but that just won’t be enough to keep your lashes up, especially if they’re long and heavy. The brush should be made of rubber since it’s the best material for sculpting your eyelashes. In addition, bristles should be long and tightly packed. Bonus tip for extra curly lashes: roll the brush while applying and just before the mascara is fully dry push back the lashes with your fingers. lashes

What about lower lashes?

There’s a lot of debate among beauty experts whether the lower lashes should be coated or not but there’s one thing all of them agree on – you should keep it tasteful. That means that you should neglect them but don’t overdo them either. You’ll need mascara with a tiny brush since it’s quite a delicate job. You can even use the wand vertically and push each lash individually. Before you do that make sure you wipe off excess product so you don’t mess it up.

Waterproof or not?

Back in 1930s waterproof mascara was produced from a blend of 50% turpentine which is a pretty harsh chemical and caused various skin reactions among women. Even today women try to avoid it but sometimes that’s not possible. If you’re doing your makeup for an event that you know it might get all emotional (your own wedding, for instance) then some kind of fixture is a must. However, there’s a way to avoid smudging even if you’re not a fan of waterproof. All you need is some translucent powder. Sprinkle it over your lashes before applying the mascara et voila – crying and sweating won’t ruin your makeup.

If you’re into natural look and not a fan of fake lashes then mascara is your best friend. Regardless of the type of lashes you have, proper mascara can help you get the most out of it – all you need to do is to find the right one.

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