Make Your Muffin Top Disappear With These Tips

woman with muffin top

Seeing a woman on the street like this can be pretty annoying but in most cases it’s either the woman doesn’t know or she doesn’t know what to do about it. This is what is called a muffin top or a love handle, that layer of fat that hangs over the waistline of your bottoms (accurately named so because of its resemblance to the top of the muffin that sheds over). A lot of women have a muffin top, if you don’t, congratulations, but if you do, you’ll agree with me that it is quite annoying to dress and have some layer of flesh shedding over your bottoms (skirt or trousers).

Your muffin top probably shows because you aren’t wearing the right size.

Even though clothing is meant to fit, we create problems for ourselves by wearing smaller sizes. When you wear a trouser size smaller than your actual size, the tight waistline will cut through your waist top instantly creating a muffin top even if there ought not to be one.

So how do you make your muffin top disappear in your outfits?

Dress according to your natural waist

Let your clothes fit around the slimmest part of your waist. Don’t try to recreate your waist closer to the hips. Pictured above is the someone wearing too tight shorts on the left and  a high waist skirt  on the right. The difference is very clear.

Go buy yourself high waist skirts and trousers.

If you must wear a low waist, make sure you pair it with a long top: Empire waistlines and peplums should be a staple in your wardrobe.

muffing top
Empire waistlines and peplums


Opt for stretchy fabric

The reason why you would get a muffin top is because your pants are too tight around the waist. Wearing stretchy fabric helps to get rid of that.

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