Suggested Natural Remedies to Whiter Teeth: The Myths and the Facts

whiter teeth


Nothing sits pretty on your face like a smile. And what better way to have that perfect smile than to have whiter teeth. Crawling all over the internet are all sorts of suggested natural remedies for pearly white teeth. Here are a couple of internet suggestions that we can tell you for sure that are either fact or myth.


1. Rubbing banana peels over your teeth could whiten them

whiter teeth banana peels fact

This is true, it has high contents of potassium and magnesium and can serve as a gentle exfoliator to help clean the surface of your teeth. But that’s all it can do, it can’t go beyond the surface.

2. Bicarbonate Soda can whiten your teeth.

Whiter teeth baking soda fact

In fact bicarbonate soda known by the general populace as baking soda is an ingredient commonly used by manufacturers of toothpastes and other whitening products. But it must be used sparsely as it is a natural chemical, and too much use could damage your enamel.

3. Brushing your teeth with mashed strawberries will give you whiter teeth.

whiter teeth strawberries fact

Oh, so true, in fact, strawberries are like the best natural teeth whiteners ever. Even though it contains citric acid, the riper it gets, the less concentration of citric acid there is. So if you wanna try this, make sure you use a really ripe strawberry.

4. Turmeric can whiten your teeth.

Whiter teeth turmeric myth

Please do not try this or else you are gonna get coloured teeth literally. One of the things turmeric is known for is colouring, it’s used as a natural dye. Let’s leave the turmeric hair and skin care.

5. Orange Pith is a fantastic whitener (the pith is that white part of the orange skin).

Whiter teeth orange pith myth

This will do you more harm than good. We all know orange has a exceedingly high amount of citric acid but what you probably didn’t know is that citric acid dissolves the enamel albeit very slowly. This is why some doctors would advise that you squeeze your orange into a cup and sip gently with a straw. The same goes for Lemons.

6. Coconut oil whitens the teeth.

Whiter teeth coconut oil myth

A while back, oil swishing was a thing, but what doctors will tell you that it will make your mouth and teeth altogether clean but not whiter.

Tell us, in your bid for whiter teeth, what other internet suggestions have you tried. Which ones were true and which ones were not?

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