They say your outfit makes you look good but what puts that final extra zing on how you look are your outfit accessories. Add – ons like bags, shoes, jewellery even belts can draw attention that just your clothes wouldn’t be able to achieve.

Sometimes that vintage boot or quirky eyeglasses might be all you need to take your look from normal to glam. What’s more, they reflect a lot about the kind of person you are.

Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind while picking out the right outfit accessories to jazz up your look.

  • Know what purpose your accessory intends to serve.

Usually an accessory would do one of two things; tone down an already jazzy outfit or add a little spice to a plain outfit. Once you know what you intend to achieve, it’s easier to choose.

  • Learn to balance it out.

outfit accessories glam

You don’t want too much monochrome or too much colour. Minimize accessories on a glitzy outfit and stick to plain hues when choosing eaarings.

  • You can never go wrong with a stylish bag and great shoes.

Instant glam. Treat accessorizing like an art because that’s what it is. Pour your personality and mood into your choices and don’t be afraid to experiment.

  • YES to DIYs.

outfit accessories diy

That ½ yard Ankara material laying idle in your closet can be put to creative stylish use. You can restyle those old boots you haven’t worn in a long time or fix a patchwork on that old T shirt or bra.

  • Retro/Vintage is the new cool

Retro trends have come back full circle and are now the in thing. You know those vintage eyeglasses your pops used to sport back in the 80s? You’d find models strutting similar frames on the runway.

  • Multi versatile pieces are a plus

You can consider getting interchangeable straps in different colours and patterns for your bags so you can sport different looks for different outfits. The reversible bag is a trend that’s not only making the rounds but has also proven to be useful. Who doesn’t want a bag that can be turned over to create a different look?


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