5 Beauty Tips For Fall

Fall weather comes hand in hand with temperature changes, long rainy days and winds which carry around dirt and germs wiped off the streets that are certainly not your allies in maintaining healthy hair and skin. Any beauty routine is futile without skincare reinforced with a few hacks to ease your preparations for challenging days outside of your cozy safe zone. Here are a few tricks and ideas on how to hack the fall-season-care challenge.

Good skin is in

Exfoliate! It’s the word of the season. Fall is the time for thorough skincare protection that’ll prepare us for humidity-low weather. Lips are prone to chapping and tissue inflammation. Use a toothbrush to exfoliate your lips ‒ wet it, then scrub your lips gently in circular motions, rinse with water and put a thicker layer of lip balm. Protect your lips so that any autumn shade of lipstick can look ripe and rich on you. Exfoliate your face two times a week ‒ up the number if dry and windy weather is around the corner. Be diligent in skincare for our faces need a good scrub of dead skin cells, clogged pores and pimple scars. As a result, radiant and glowing skin will be your most beautiful accessory this season. When temperatures drop and your skin feels tight and dry ‒ use honey and natural oils instead of balm or lotions for skin hydration.

Makeup base

Hydrate! Summer’s almost over and our faces are tired of setting sprays, melting makeup fiascos and endless effort to balance between keeping our skin breathing and concealing our little imperfections. This season, deep, “never-ending” hydration is your starting point for any makeup endeavor or blemished skin recovery. Use natural oils rich in minerals and keep using SPF day creams and, foremost, never leave your house without a thick layer of hydrating facial cream. Trust me, no makeup will look good on your face if your skin is not treated properly and your pores aren’t well hydrated.

Hair tricks

Oil and protect! Your hair needs a full recovery and protection for an upcoming fall season. Use castor and coconut oil, and loads of water! Dip a cotton swab in a few drops of castor oil for thicker brows or add a few drops to your favorite shampoo and boost your hair growth and quality for new challenges. Coconut oil is an amazing hydrator and it softens both your skin and hair. Also, it’s great for your split ends when applied right after the shower, while hair is still warm and wet and follicles can absorb protective nutrients from oils. The results are glowing soft hair and skin!

Dry-proof lips and hair

Burgundy is this season’s color! After applying your favorite lipstick, cover your lips with a clean tissue and put a setting powder over them for a long-lasting effect. But wait ‒ what about dry autumn air? No problem ‒ put a thin layer of translucent lip balm and you’ll have your lips set and protected for the day. For troubles with frizzy hair and greasy scalp under your favorite hat ‒ use dry hair shampoos in sprays with protective agents and minerals that will protect your roots and boost your hair volume.

Back to school

The wisest hack for the fall season is boosting your immune system by taking in a lot of essential vitamins, supplements, and water. The importance of your health for maintaining a beauty routine can’t be emphasized enough, word up!

Vitamin A helps your skin fight free-radical damage and is a great antioxidant found in carrots, dried apricots, mangos, etc. Making yourself a delicious beef lunch will get you a dose of vitamin B complex ‒ which is a great friend of your liver. If you are avoiding wearing skirts because of your summer bruises, scars or tan-enhanced stretch marks ‒ you’re looking for vitamin K. It’s a group of vitamin K1 and vitamin K2 compounds found in a few dietary sources, which helps your circulation and can help you deal with dark circles that later won’t require a special makeup treatment.

A lemonade in the morning or a handful of strawberries every now and then will get you vitamin C regularly and help your skin with collagen formation and mineral absorption. It’ll whiten your teeth and boost your circulation for colder weather, so you will enter this season fully prepared with a beautiful smile!

Post Author: Peter Minkoff

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