3 Ways To Heal Dry Skin On Your Feet

If you have dry skin, you may feel irritating and painful. There are many reasons for this such as age, living in a dry, cold climate, genetics, ill-fitting shoes, standing barefoot for long periods of time, or a medical condition like Athlete’s foot. It’s important to see your doctor or a podiatrist if you have a medical condition causing your dry skin in order to get a diagnosis and treatment. Here are 3 ways to heal dry skin on your feet. Keep reading this post to get more useful information.

Using Natural Remedies

Try a sugar scrub. This is a natural product for removing the dry skin as well as softening any hard or cracked skin.  Combining brown or white sugar can make a basic sugar scrub. It’s better to add a small amount of olive oil and an oil extract. Also, you can add essential oils to the mixture to soften your feet as well as make smelling good.


Do a weekly foot soak. This helps to hydrate and soften any dead skin. In order to remove the dry skin as well as leave your skin feeling soft, follow a foot soak with a good scrub.


Use a pumice stone after a shower or bath. It’s ideal to use a  pumice stone made of volcanic rock to remove dead skin on your body. Besides, don’t forget to add a small amount of Epsom salt to the warm water in your bath. Soak your feet for several minutes. Then, use a pumice stone to rub them. The water Epsom salt bath is also good for loosening up the dead skin.

Apply coconut oil or olive oil to your feet. To sooth and soften your feet, you can use an all natural moisturizer. Don’t use creams containing alcohol if you don’t want to dry and irritate your skin. Besides, think of using Vaseline or cocoa butter. They can also moisturize your feet.

Using Professional Products

Use heel balm. It helps to moisturize your dry and cracked heels. It’s ideal to put it on in the morning. Then, you can increase the elasticity of the skin on your heels. Don’t forget to put it on again at night to hydrate your feet when you are sleeping.  


Buy a battery powered foot file. In fact, they are great for removing dry and dead skin. The thing you need to do just is holding the foot file in your hand as well as run it over your feet. Use the foot file to wash the powdery foot dust with water. It’s good to do this twice a week.


See your doctor to know about medicated foot cream and ointment. You can remove dry skin and prevent foot irritation with home remedies, but it’s still important to ask your doctor about the counter foot creams or medicated ointments. This helps to increase the healing of your dry skin.


Talk to your doctor if needed. It’s really important when you have Athlete’s foot or eczema. Talk to your doctor about treatment if there is an irritated or burning sensation on your feet,  bleeding and pain, or  peeling and cracked skin. Then, you will get a topical, an antifungal drug, antifungal foot cream to create your Athlete’s Foot.

Adjusting Your Foot Hygiene

Wash your feet every day.   It’s important in maintaining skin integrity. Although soap plays an important role in hygiene, it can also cause irritation. Instead, you should rinse your feet with warm water to promote moisture. This can also promotes circulation,  refreshes your feet, and comforts them. The ideal temperature is 40 to 34°C.


Dry your feet well after a shower or bath. Use a towel to dry well between your toes to not only prevent the development of infection but also reduce any odors or bacteria on your feet.


Wear comfortable shoes. It can grow painful foot as well as distort your toe shape if you wear uncomfortable shoes. Also, these shoes can irritate your feet or cause blisters and cracked skin. That’s why you need to wear shoes that fit well on a daily basis, especially for standing on your feet throughout the day.


Change your shoes and socks every day. This helps to prevent foot infections and shoe odor. Moreover, thanks to it you can prevent foot irritation and infections that cause dry and cracked skin.


Drink lots of water to stay hydrated. Drinking up is one of the best ways to keep your skin healthy. It’s good to drink at least eight glasses of water every day.


Be cautious when getting a professional pedicure. Every metal instrument has to be cleaned and sanitized before used on your feet. So, it’s important to go to a nail salon known for its good hygiene. It helps to remove dry skin from your feet, moisturize your feet, as well as massage your feet to improve blood circulation.  


Not similar to the rest of the body, there are no oil glands in the skin on your feet. Instead, it keeps the feet moisturized thanks to thousands of sweat glands. If you fail to adhere to proper foot hygiene, you can’t avoid dry and cracked feet. With three ways mentioned above, you won’t worry about this condition. Also, your healing dry skin on your feet become easier.

Post Author: Peter Minkoff

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