How to Host a Stylish Fall Party Like a Pro

Fall is a perfect time to throw an amazing party for a group of your friends and/or family members, and if you were thinking about it as well – welcome to the club! It’s never too late to spend some quality time with your beloved ones, so if you want to know how to host a stylish fall party like a pro, just stay with us and keep on reading. Here are four useful tips that’ll make it happen!

Assemble a guest list and plan your space

Coming up with a guest list should be the first step in the process of planning a party since it determines the amount of space you’ll need. Of course, outdoor parties are the most popular ones, especially because a host doesn’t have to clean as much before and after the event as it’s the case with indoor parties. Apart from that, it’s highly likely that your backyard or garden will fit far more people than any room in your house. However, you should bear in mind that weather can be very unpredictable during fall, so be sure to have another alternative that’ll keep your guests dry and cozy.

Add a handmade welcoming sign for a more personal touch

Adding some handmade items like cute welcoming signs that perfectly fit the fall theme will inevitably add a personal touch to your party. Being a great host means that you’re ready to invest your time and effort into something that’ll be recognized as authentic by your guests, so give your best to make that happen. A lovely dried corn wreath will definitely do the trick, and it’s really simple to make but extremely effective. Just take a grapevine wreath, attach some corn husks and felted ball stems to it with colorful yarn, hang it on your door, and voila – your DIY wreath is ready to welcome your guests!

Come up with a menu and a list of drinks

When it comes to creating a menu for your party, you should rely on your guest list in order to plan approximately how much food you’ll need for the event. Of course, you can do all the cooking if the party is smaller, since everyone loves freshly prepared homemade meals. On the other hand, if your party is going to be a bit bigger, cooking your meals ahead is a great idea, so that you can heat and serve them once guests arrive. Crunchy empanadas are a fantastic choice, as well as delicious sandwiches or baked potatoes with some tasty toppings. As for drinks, you simply can’t go wrong with cocktails – just make sure you get enough gin, vodka and vermouth, as well as lemon and lime wedges to garnish your guests’ cocktails.

Opt for fall color scheme and keep everything cozy

Apart from orange and all shades of brown, which are some of the most typical colors of fall, there are also many other attractive shades you can pick for your party color scheme. Some of them are cranberry and pine green which can work together and make one of the best color combos that simply scream fall and festive season. Mustard yellow is also an amazing choice, as well as copper. Once you’ve picked your color scheme, get some cozy blankets and decorative pillows in these shades, so that your guests stay warm and comfortable throughout the evening. This is actually one of the best ways to show your friends that you care about their comfort and well-being, since we all know that chilly weather is typical of fall.


As you can see, hosting a fabulous fall party doesn’t have to be as tricky and challenging as you probably thought. Just plan everything out in advance and to come up with a guest list before anything else, so that you can opt for a proper space. When that’s done, you should create a menu and a list of drinks, as well as a DIY welcoming sign. Once you’ve followed a fall color scheme and made sure that your guests are cozy and comfortable, you’ll know that your party is a total success!

Post Author: Peter Minkoff

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