5 Staple Summer Pieces to Help You Create Your Style

It’s never too early to start planning all the outfits you’re gonna show off at summer festivals, backyard barbecues and seaside picnics. And while everyone has their own style, there are some pieces that should simply be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. So, what are these magical items that are the base of every good outfit?

Wrap skirt

Skirts that wrap around your body are not only one of the best-looking skirt models, but they are also the easiest to put on and take off – making them an ideal solution for pool parties or the beach. Look for something with a fun, bright, tropical print that will stand out and bring attention to your lower half.


Let’s start this countdown from the bottom up: we need something comfy to help us walk through life. Sandals are great for summer because they allow our feet to breathe and they are equally appropriate for both day and night outfits. If you have only one pair, make sure that they are flat, because you want to be able to walk in them on the beach without constantly sinking in the sand or between the rocks. But, a pair of heel sandals is the most elegant detail you can add to a dress or a jumpsuit to make it look dinner date-ready. Look for something that wraps around your ankle – or your lower leg – for added stability.


The ultimate staple of resort wear, kaftans are the elegant counterparts of beach cover-ups. They have the one-up on regular dresses because they are flowy, breathable and easy to wear. And if you want to accentuate your figure, simply put a belt around your waist and you are ready to go. You can find an amazing kaftan online and see how it can be included in various outfits. Kaftan looks amazing when paired with lace-up sandals and a funky headscarf.


Of course, we can’t talk about summer fashion without mentioning the ultimate summer piece: swimsuit. Trends come and go, and there will always be something revolutionary in the swimsuit world, but, aside from all that, you should choose a swimsuit that makes you feel good in it. Pick one according to your body type and, most importantly, according to what you like to see on yourself. Make sure you try a lot of different styles – even the ones you never thought you’d like – and you’ll be surprised with how different shapes look on your body.

Summer hat

Summer hat: the ultimate accessory, the cherry on top and the most practical outfit piece of all. When looking for a good summer hat, there are several things you need to pay attention to: firstly, the material – it should be natural and not too dense, so that your scalp can breathe. Secondly, pay attention to the shape. Big straw hats aren’t big just so they can be a fashion statement. They are big because they should protect both your eyes and the back of your neck. And finally, it should be comfortable. As with everything else, you should find a hat of the appropriate size. A hat that is too tight can cause dizziness, headaches and even blackouts. And, of course, you should like the way it looks and be able to match it with your outfits!


Having these items will allow you to develop your style in the right direction, with the option to go back to basics if you’re not sure what you want to wear. Express yourself through accessories, bold accent pieces and a style that is unique to you, and you alone.


Post Author: Peter Minkoff

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