5 Cool Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

With the Valentine’s day just around the corner it is time to start searching for that perfect gift just for her. Don’t wait for the last second to do it, trust us she will know. With so many different options it is sometimes hard to choose the right one. So here are some fun and innovative ideas for the perfect Valentine’s gift for your better half.

A DIY gift

Yes, this will require a bit more work and effort on your part, but it will mean so much more. Well to the right girl, anyway. This type of gift requires additional preparation in the form of listening to your loved one. Has she mentioned that she would love a coffee table, or that her mug is too small or even that she could use a rustic wine rack. In case you are good with your hands, a jewelry hanging organizer and a wine rack don’t require too much time, but if executed correctly they can be the perfect gift. On the other hand instead of just buying her a new mug, why don’t you customize it with a romantic photo of you two.

Sweets for my sweet

And no, a regular box of chocolates simply won’t do. You have to try a bit harder. Get a box or a bowl and fill it with all sorts of her favourite candies and chocolates. You can mix in a few paper hearts and some romantic notes. You can even hide a more traditional gift among the candy. Something in the line of her favourite jewelry brand. And then just wait for here to find it, just imagine the surprise when she discovers it a few days later. It’s the little things that make life worth living.


No, not the classic sexy lingerie, she will be expecting that, and you’ll end up being such a cliche. You could really take her by surprise by presenting her with a pair of fun period undies, these contain interesting illustrations regarding how women really feel during that time of the month. This gift will surely draw out a smile and is something that she will truly not expect. On the other hand it will mean a lot that you understand the changes that happen when Aunt Irma comes to visit.

A fun filled weekend

With a bit of careful planning you can turn her Valentine’s day gift into a adventurous weekend. If you two are into sports you can go hiking or cycling together, and top that off with a romantic dinner. On the other hand if you are real homebodies a big bowl of popcorn, a move of her choosing and a warm blanket for two might just be the ideal weekend activity. In that case make sure you do all the work, and just let her relax and get pampered a bit. By giving her such a weekend you are providing her with the greatest gift of all, your time and undivided attention.

A stack of handmade coupons

This takes just a bit of time and imagination. Create a stack of coupons that are related to you two and your relationship, and present them to here to use as she sees fit. Some of the things you might want to include are free back massage, breakfast in bed, instantly win an argument and so on. These are the perfect gift for a romantic couple, you can have fun with it in the months to come.


So there you have it, five fun and unique Valentine’s day gifts for your girl, you can be sure that she will be pleasantly surprised that you were thinking outside of the box, and didn’t just get her a flowers and chocolate.

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