How to Make Connections In the World of Fashion Blogging

Making connections appears to be easier than ever. With all the online platforms and social media available to anyone 24/7, a conversation can be initiated at any moment.

Needless to say, professional communication normally never starts with “Hey, what’s up?” kind of a message.

On the other hand, it’s not really possible to strengthen the relations with your contacts and partners without maintaining more personal (and less formal) communication, too. So, if your goal is to make contacts and partner with other bloggers from the fashion industry, make sure to read this short but informative guide on how to make connections in a world of fashion blogging.

Start from scratches and create a strategy

Like any other job, blogging starts with an idea of what you want to achieve.

You’re likely to have at least a dozen of brainstorming sessions before you make the final draft of your strategy aimed to bring you more contacts within the fashion bloggers community.

Try setting the realistic goals, and then start working hard to achieve them. If you consider yourself to be a total beginner in blogging, begin by learning about do’s and don’ts of professional communication, and then pick a few fashion bloggers as your case studies to see whether they are successful at maintaining a professional communication with other bloggers, and even with their followers.

Take your time to research every blogger you find interesting, and follow them on social media to get more information about their habits and activities.

Send professional emails and answer swiftly

No matter how young a blogger is, or what you are looking for, do your best to make the first email you send look clean and professional. Pay attention to the grammar, and avoid using the abbreviations and slang words. Also, don’t forget to add your signature where you’ll indicate your full name, email(s), phone number(s), the blog address, and links to your social media accounts.

While fashion lovers are mostly cool and approachable bunch, keep in mind that you’re not sending an invitation to the party. This means that your first email should include all the necessary information, and you should also be sure you’re making a point.

It is much more likely that a blogger will take you seriously if you show them respect by researching their work and recent blog updates. As well as that, once you get your initial email answered, make an effort to start a more profound communication by asking questions, giving a piece of advice, or offering your help.

Research bloggers’ habits and prepare them gifts

Fashionistas love receiving gifts. Getting to this phase is likely going to take some time, so it is useful to know what to expect.

First of all, if your aim is to build strong bonds with a couple of bloggers with whom you can do business, or simply share your fashion ideas, you have to be ready to get invited to their celebrations and meetups. This means that you’ll have plenty of chances to impress them with gifts.

Second, you’ll have to be creative. Having this in mind, cool fashion gifts like trendy high heels or a fashionable bag are bound to impress any fashion blogger, so write this idea down!

The fashion world isn’t necessarily about expensive luxury brands and sophisticated, posh events. It is much more likely that you’ll be making new connections (and even friendships) sitting in an affordable restaurant and drinking hot coffee with milk.

Share their blog posts and be nice to their followers

Building strong professional connections takes time, but maintaining them is even harder.

You’ll notice other bloggers regularly coming to the scene, so you’ll be expected to constantly prove both your relevance, and the fashion knowledge to the followers and fellow fashion bloggers.

The uphill battle never ends in the blogosphere. If you share others’ blog posts, you can expect them to support your work too. Similarly, respecting their fans will result in the enlargement of your own fanbase, thus strengthening the bonds between you and your collaborators, too. Remember one thing – being nice never goes out of fashion!


Fashion blogging must be one of the most exciting jobs out there. Also, blogging can only have motivational effects on people who follow the fashion trends daily. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the internet is a very competitive place, so having a career in fashion blogging requires a set of skills typical for any other job that relies primarily on communication and networking. Now that you know that, do your best to maximize your potential!

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