How to Organize a Perfect Father’s Day

Father’s Day is approaching and fast, and if you don’t want to get your dad just any old present you can go the extra mile and organize a whole day filled with fun activities that he loves and that you can do together. Here are some great options to help you narrow down your choices and maybe even inspire you to try something new.

Take him to his favourite pub

Book a table at his favourite pub, and in case they don’t serve food, check with the manager if you can bring some. Make sure there is something good on the TV, may be his favourite sport or team, and that his favourite music is playing in the background. This will definitely make the entire experience more memorable for him. Now, all that is left is to sit back, enjoy and talk, spend some quality time together. And this would be the perfect opportunity to give him the present you bought as well. He is bound to love this idea, he’ll get to spend time at his favourite place surrounded with his children.

Try out something new

Suggesting a spa day as a Father’s Day gift might be thinking outside of the box, but in reality it is an excellent idea. Your dad needs to relax and get all the stress out, so why not visit a spa like Botanica Vaucluse and spend the whole day being pampered. Even if he seems a bit reluctant, after the first relaxing massage he is guaranteed to get onboard. He’ll enjoy the experience, and don’t be surprised if he asks to go back at some point in the future. You can have a drink, and go for dinner and a beer afterwards, just make it a bit more manly.

Organize a day at the go-carts

This is always a fun activity, especially if your dad is into fast driving. You can spend the whole day there, driving eating and just having fun. He is bound to appreciate the gesture. Don’t forget to give him a bit of a head start, and make sure you have someone take a few pictures, you should have some great memories of this day. You can invite some of his friends and make a small gathering, he is going to love it. Creating a great Father’s Day outing is all about making your father feel loved and appreciated.

Make it all about him

If he loves golf or fishing make sure that you organize the whole day around his favourite activity. You can spend the day on a golf course, just make sure you let him win. After all it is his day. There are always great lunch locations at the golf course so you can take a break and grab a bite to eat. A fishing trip requires a bit more planning, first you need to find the perfect location, prepare all the equipment without him knowing, and make sure you bring enough food and other supplies so that you can spend a whole day away from civilization, by the river or lake just chatting and waiting for the fish to bite.


So there you are, some great ideas on how to organize the perfect Father’s Day, of course it all depends on your dad and what he likes doing. After all you need to plan the entire experience around him, and if possible keep it a surprise until the last second. Spending time with your father is always a better option then simply getting him an expensive gift. This is the time for creating memories, after all our parents won’t be around forever, and at times we tend to forget that.

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