Family Room – A Design That Works for the Whole Family

The living room is the area for the whole family, which brings certain design challenges. It’s sometimes difficult to design a space even for two people let alone for an entire family. However, with the right approach, you can design a stunning family room that balances style and sophistication with childlike playfulness.

A family-inspired layout

Functionality is of the utmost importance in a family room. With your kids constantly running around, it’s essential that you find the right layout that will enable all of you to move around easily while also bringing you closer together. Arranging your comfy furniture in a semi-circle around the fireplace is a lovely layout that will promote communication, intimacy and togetherness in your family room. On the other hand, if your family has movie nights, you can organise your furniture around the TV set.

Nonetheless, you should make room for everyone and introduce a large sofa where you can all cuddle up or several other cosy armchairs. The coffee table plays an important role in family rooms as children often use it to draw, colour or do their homework. However, if it takes up too much space in your family room, you should consider going with functional side tables that can be also used as stools.

Cosiness is the key

There’s no such thing as too cosy in a family room. If your living room is spacious, there are several ways to cozy it up. You should introduce plenty of throws and pillows that will keep your children comfy. You can add a beautiful plush rug, for example, one made of faux sheepskin, to keep the feet of your family warm. Soft upholstery fabrics will also bring warmth and comfort to your family space, so you should pick materials, such as velvet or ultra suede. Creating a cosy, welcoming ambiance will keep your entire family comfortable, especially on those rainy days when you just want to curl up in a soft blanket and watch your favourite movie.

An atmosphere of openness and positivity

Apart from being comfortable and functional, your family room should also have a pleasant atmosphere. Spending a lot of time in this room can make it feel stuffy, which can then make both you and your kids irritable. On the other hand, if your room isn’t warm enough, your kids can easily catch a cold. Thus, you need to make sure that your living room has an open, airy and positive vibe and a pleasant temperature. Aside from opening your windows regularly and letting the fresh air inside, you should also install air conditioning. Certain units, such as quality and durable Frigidaire air conditioners, can help you heat up or cool down your space, ensuring that it’s pleasant and comfortable. Furthermore, by installing an air conditioner, you’ll maintain an appropriate room temperature, which will prevent the growth of mould, mildew, and common allergens.

Subtle yet colourful

Creating a balance between a sophisticated look and childlike vibe isn’t that difficult. You need to opt for a tasteful, understated design that exudes playfulness and energy. You can give your family room an upbeat look by simply decorating with colour. For example, choosing warm neutrals can help you give your family room a classic, tasteful look while also creating a welcoming family atmosphere. Afterwards, you can introduce pops of bolder hues to create a playful effect. You can introduce bold colours through paintings, rugs and decorative details. You can even paint a wall in a bold hue or pick a colourful piece of furniture. Sticking to a monochromatic neutral look may seem chic and modern, but in a family home, it will be utterly boring. Thus, you shouldn’t shy away from bright and stunning hues as they can liven up your space.

Patterns for a touch of playfulness

Giving your space a touch of playfulness will help you design a family room that everyone will love. And there’s no better way to do this than by introducing mesmerising patterns. Even in subtle hues, patterns are always a stunning way to give a space an authentic look. You can use patterns for accent details, such as rugs, throw pillows or covers, or go big and bold and use them for accent walls or furniture. You and your family can choose together your favourite designs and use them for several cushions. However, make sure to link them with colour or theme to create a cohesive look.

Designing a perfect family room entails taking all of your personalities into consideration and letting them shine through décor. The best way to achieve this is creating a balance between a chic, modern design and an atmosphere of playfulness that your kids will love.

Post Author: Peter Minkoff

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