Planning the Perfect Patio: 6 Tips Perfect for Entertaining

Outdoor areas are the most popular places for entertainment during summer, enabling you and your guests to enjoy a beautiful day or a pleasant night out in the open. A beautiful patio with a cosy atmosphere is just perfect for organising friendly gatherings, family feasts and even fancy cocktail parties. However, you need to find a design that will be perfect for entertainment.

Find the perfect location

It all starts with the location because it will affect the functionality, convenience and comfort of your patio. If you’re planning to use it for outdoor dining, placing it closer to your kitchen is the most functional option. On the other hand, if you just want to serve drinks and snacks in a pleasant ambience, you can place it in the middle of your garden where you and your guests can be surrounded with nature. You can also choose a more elevated position or place it at a lower level for an interesting effect. However, the most important thing to consider is your needs and habits.

Define patio zones

For maximum convenience and functionality, you should try to define different patio zones. Even if you have a small patio, you should still try to create different areas. For instance, you can set up a cooking zone that should be separate from the dining area or your lounge space. This way, you’ll be able to find the most appropriate layout that will allow you to move around freely. However, since you’ll probably host different events, you should consider going with easily adjustable areas that you can adapt depending on your needs and the type of a particular event.

Bring out the furniture

Before furnishing your lounge area, you should determine the amount and type of furniture you’ll need. This will depend on how many people you’re planning to accommodate at your events. You should also measure your space or your furniture pieces so that you can create the most functional patio layout. Furthermore, patio furniture should keep you and your guests comfortable at all times since you’ll be spending days and nights outside. For your lounge area, you can even bring indoor furniture outside for a cosier look. You can also find beautiful outdoor furniture that can withstand different weather conditions. Of course, if you’re planning to set up a dining area, you’ll need a table and chairs instead of sofas and armchairs.

Create a cosy atmosphere

Creating a cosy, enjoyable atmosphere will keep your guests more comfortable while also making your patio more beautiful. There are numerous stylish ideas that can help you cosy up your patio. For instance, you can embellish it with beautiful and modern outdoor rugs that will create a deep, layered look. In addition, area rugs can introduce lovely patterns and designs to your patio, elevating its décor. You can pair them up with lovely accent pillows and throw cushions, filling your patio with a stunning play of textures.
Another great way to create a cosy ambience is to add a lovely fire pit. This addition will fill your patio with a lovely glow while keeping your guests warm on those chilly nights. You should also keep them comfortable during hot summer days, so you need to add some shade to your lounge area. You can use lovely sun umbrellas, curtains, greenery and other solutions that will provide you with both shade and privacy.

Set up a food and drink station

Your outdoor entertainment will definitely require some refreshing drinks and delicious food. The most important element for outdoor spaces and complete summer experience is definitely a quality grill that will enable you and your guests to savour some delicious summertime barbeque. You can also set up an outdoor kitchen and a dining area if you want to provide your guests with a truly enriching alfresco dining experience. As for drinks, you can set up a bar with a cooler so that you can serve refreshing summer cocktails.

Light it up appropriately

Finally, you should install appropriate lighting that will help you create an intimate, romantic patio ambience. Your cooking/dining zone should feature brighter lighting, so make sure to install plenty of tasks lights and other solutions. As for your lounge area, it should have subtler lighting that will create a cosy, inviting look. You can go with magical fairy lights, candles and stylish lanterns that will keep your patio cosy and romantic.

Introducing these elements will help you plan and design a patio perfect for entertaining and creating beautiful memories with your friends and family.

Post Author: Peter Minkoff

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