5 Helpful Tips to Make Your Skin Glowy

When it comes to beauty to-do lists, one of the priorities is having radiant and glowing skin. This might seem difficult and challenging to achieve, but if you pay special attention to the things that matter, the radiant and glowy skin is just a couple of days or weeks away. You’ve probably tried many things and perhaps all your attempts were unsuccessful, but don’t worry as we came up with a list of the five most important things that you need to have in mind. Scroll through this list, and try to incorporate everything that you haven’t tried before!

1. Sunscreen is your friend

This is something that you’ve probably heard a million times, but it really is that important. First of all, most of the wrinkles appear because of sun exposure, up to 90%. This is why always wearing sunscreen is very important. Also, don’t think that you shouldn’t be wearing one in winter – in winter months the sun just as strong as in the summer and can still cause long-term damage to your skin. The fact that you don’t see it very often doesn’t mean it’s not there. When choosing a good sunscreen, make sure to get one with a formula that will protect you against UVA rays which cause premature aging, and UVB rays which can cause skin cancer.

2. Work on your dark spots

Wearing sunscreen is not only important for protecting your skin from the harmful UV rays and slowing the aging process, but it can help you if you have hyperpigmentation as well. Many people have the problem of dark spots and patches on their skin, but the good news is that this is not permanent. The most important thing to do here is to get yourself one of the best skin lightening products and apply them daily in order to light the dark spots on your face and make them able to be treated more easily. Actually, the best time to use such products is during the night, as there’s no sun. Moreover, it’s also important to use a skin-cleansing brush every other day in order to get rid of the dead cells. And finally, one last piece of advice – never pick that zit! We know it’s hard to resist, but this is one of the most important rules that you mustn’t break.

3. Time for a serum

Even though you might be using creams and lotions, a serum is a better option as it’s much more concentrated. This also means that you will have to use it in smaller amounts in order to get results (thus one bottle will serve you more than a lotion). In order to help your skin fight free radicals and stress, you should be looking for one with antioxidants. Also, you don’t have to break the bank in order to get a serum, there’s a plethora of drugstore serums that are excellent. For best results, apply the serum to freshly washed skin.

4. The right order

Let’s get something clear – the sequence in which you apply the products onto your skin is perhaps more important than the products themselves. So, after washing your face you need to apply the products that are the strongest first, as you want them to get deeper into your skin (this is important for serums, for example). Also, make sure that you know which products are thinner and which are thicker – you should start with the thinner ones as if you do it the other way around, products that are heavier will block everything else from penetrating your skin.

5. Say no to dairy

Even though this is a topic that’s still open for debate, it might be a good time to give it a go for a couple of weeks, just to see if that’s going to work for you. It doesn’t matter if they are organic or not, dairy products contain cow hormones that can stimulate your pores and oil glands which leads to acne. Mind that if you choose to jump on this bandwagon (which is definitely not easy), you need to pay attention to traces of dairy in salad dressings, shakes or protein bars.


Having skin that’s radiant and glowing is definitely something we all wish for. But if we take into account some of these tips – what’s the worst that can happen? Worst case scenario – you will get rid of acne and dark spots on your face which will definitely make your skin much more radiant than before.

Post Author: Peter Minkoff

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