3 Ways To Heal Dry Skin On Your Feet

If you have dry skin, you may feel irritating and painful. There are many reasons for this such as age, living in a dry, cold climate, genetics, ill-fitting shoes, standing barefoot for long periods of time, or a medical condition like Athlete’s foot. It’s important to see your doctor or a podiatrist if you have […]

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5 Beauty Tips For Fall

Fall weather comes hand in hand with temperature changes, long rainy days and winds which carry around dirt and germs wiped off the streets that are certainly not your allies in maintaining healthy hair and skin. Any beauty routine is futile without skincare reinforced with a few hacks to ease your preparations for challenging days […]

The One Product That Transformed Our Lashes

When Eugene Rimmel in 1917 presented the product based on petrolatum jelly and black coal dust, everyone became crazy about accenting their eyes. Although this was done back in the Ancient Egypt and, later on, during the Victorian era, that’s when mascara took the beauty industry’s throne and hasn’t been overthrown ever since. Even today, […]

Essential Beauty Tips to Test Out When Traveling

  Traveling itself can be quite stressful. Unexpected situations are just lining up, and not all of them have a note of positive surprise. Nevertheless, good things are the ones we remember the longest, and they form our vacation memories. It is funny though, while we are on a holiday, our body works overtime to […]

How to Create the Double winged Effect

Although this unique flick may look complicated, the technique has been simplified into seven easy steps. Keep reading to see how to pull off this popular liner trend. WHAT YOU’LL NEED Eye shadow primer Eye shadows in: light pink, yellow, purple, bright pink, black, white White cream color crayon Black liquid liner Mascara False Lashes […]

Multiple Duty Beauty Products We Love And How to Use Them

There’s nothing we love as much as beauty products that can do more than its intended purpose, well maybe there are a couple of things. Multi – functional beauty items save cost especially if you’re on a budget like me and a large percentage of the populace. Such that you can handpick specific products to […]

The Cool Girl’s Guide to Wearing Liquid Lipstick

Lipsticks have always been a cool icing on the cake called “makeup”, they still are but liquid lipsticks have quite literally changed the game. Not surprising now, is it? I mean, what’s more irresistible about a lipstick you can just dab on and not have to worry about it coming off fro the rest of […]

Taraji .P. Henson Has Got Her Own MAC Collection

Rejoice, O Empire fans, for now, y’all can slay the Cookie Lyon way. That’s right folks. Fierce Empire star Taraji P. Henson has given all makeup lovers something to long for with her first collaboration with MAC cosmetics. If you’re a Taraji fan, you’re no stranger to her trademark cat eye and nude lips combo and this collection can help you achieve […]