They say your outfit makes you look good but what puts that final extra zing on how you look are your outfit accessories. Add – ons like bags, shoes, jewellery even belts can draw attention that just your clothes wouldn’t be able to achieve. Sometimes that vintage boot or quirky eyeglasses might be all you […]

It’s Bye bye to Impulse Buying with These Tips

We have all at one point indulged in impulse buying regardless of how calculated we usually are. Once or twice in a while isn’t too harmful but if it is a usual thing, it can get out of hand so you need get a grip on it. That very day you just finished apportioning your […]

Ways to Look Slimmer in Your Outfit

While there’s no article of clothing or fashion strategy that will literally take weight off your body, the clothes you wear and how you wear them can make you look 10 pounds lighter in seconds. Slimming Style Tips Wear a V-neck It lengthens your neck and shows off your collarbone. Keep it monochrome The easiest slim […]

christmas party style guide

Christmas Party Style Guide

Christmas is already knocking at the door and Christmas party invitations are coming from every side. The first decision you will have to make is which party to attend, whether the one organized by a family member, boss, friend or colleague. After that, you’ll get the necessary instructions about the dress code, and you’ll be […]

How to Choose a Perfect Tailored Suit

Did you know that 80% of women are allegedly wearing the wrong bra size their whole lives? It’s like there’s a whole science around picking the right bra size that we’ll never learn. This, in slightly lower numbers can be applied to suits as well, but that’s mainly because they are not as frequent as […]

Tricks to Layering Outfits Like A Pro

As is most things in this world, fashion is art and so is layering. Why is layering such a big deal? Maybe because it allows us to put our creativity to use in what we wear. It allows for the more daring to show off their eccentric side (Denrele comes to mind here).  Layered looks […]

Chic Ways to Style Your Shirt Dress

Button fronts and a forgiving fit make the shirt dress a flattering look on pretty much any body type. A shirt dress is one of the most versatile piece you can in your wardrobe. They’re perfect for casual occasions, but can be glamed up to suit to more formal occasions. The key is to be clever with […]

Jump On The Choker Bandwagon With These Tips

With all things retro making a huge comeback in fashion and style, it’s no surprise that the 90s choker trend is back on the style scene. There’s been a huge recycle of style from the past and we love it. These neck accesories are becoming a huge thing again, probably more than they were in the 90s. […]


Nothing ruins a beautiful outfit like visible panty lines underneath your skirt or bra lines peeking from underneath your blouse. It renders what would have a perfect ensemble completely useless. Because what you wear inside could make or mar what people make of our outfit, it is important to know what to pair with what. […]